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The Cost of Tesla's Generation 3 Vehicle

We have a Tweet from someone who broke down what the cost of Tesla's generation 3 vehicle may be. Let's go over his numbers.


Tesla Generation 3 Vehicle Cost

We have a breakdown of the potential cost of Tesla's generation 3 Robotaxi vehicle. let's go over the numbers. They assume a $5B CAPEX/Factory for 1 million units depreciated over 10 years to $0. There is no steering wheel or pedals. Total cost is $17,600 or roughly half the Model 3 and Model Y cost.

* D&A expense/unit: $500
* Structural 4680 battery pack @ 60 kWh: $4,200
* Cameras: $400
* Hardware 4 Computer: $500
* Casted Front: $250
* Casted Rear: $250
* Tires/Rims: $800
* Suspension: $1,000
* Wiring Harness: $500
* Seats: $1,000
* Screen/Infotainment/Speakers: $800
* Drive Unit: $2,000
* Windows/Glass: $1,000
* Heat Pump: $400
* Brakes: $500
* Interior Misc. Items: $1,000
* Labor: $500
* Paint: $500
* Airbags/Seatbelts: $1,500

Tota: $17,600

This is about half the cost of Tesla's generation 2 platform. There are things that could be added to this list, such as insurance, assembly, testing, logistic, call center, royalties, and more.

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What Will the Final Cost Be?

At $17,600, Tesla could sell at the following prices to get 5% or more gross profit:

* $18,480: 5%
* $19,360: 10%
* $20,240: 15%
* $21,120: 20%
* $22,000: 25%
* $22,880: 30%
* $23,760: 35%
* $24,640: 40%

Even at a price around $25,000, which is reasonable, that is a 40% profit. Tesla could also sell at a very lost price of around $20,000 and still make 15% profit and that does not include FSD - which is what this vehicle will be, a Robotaxi.

The compact vehicle won't be much more than this either and with improvements in battery technology over time, including better LFP batteries, we should see some inexpensive vehicles coming in the future. Cars may return to their $15,000 to $20,000 prices for an affordable sedan, but will be an EV instead.

What do you think of the cost breakdown of the generation 3 vehicle? Will it end up costing this much?

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