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Unreliable SUVs You Should Never Buy for 2023

Here’s the latest warning on the worst and most unreliable SUVs that you should avoid buying regarding 2023 models this winter.

SUV Shopping Warning
Are you shopping for a new vehicle for 2023 and wondering how some of the newer models of SUVs rate when it comes to reliability, value for money, repair costs, and cost of ownership? As it turns out, there are some new 2023 models that are so bad that this car consultant is warning new car shoppers those that he finds are the worst and so unreliable that you should never consider buying any one of them.

This car shopping advice comes from a recent Car Help Corner YouTube channel video where the host gives his expert opinion on what makes each of the models the worst today and are the ones you should definitely avoid.

In case you just want to know his selections to avoid without watching the video, here is a summarized list for a quick take on those SUVs you should be wary of. However, for more details, be sure to check out the short 11-minute video.

Worst SUVs of 2023 Predicted

#10. Mini Countryman---a “mechanical twin of the BMW X1” the Countryman earns its worst rating #10 spot due to being largely unreliable in multiple systems that necessitate overly expensive repairs.

#9. Buick Encore---no stranger to bad SUV reviews in the past, the Encore suffers the most in that it offers so little for the value that you can put into a better SUV. Reliability is a hit and miss proposition where you could do better with these Top 10 Best and Most Reliable SUVs for 2023 Under $40,000.

#8. Jeep Renegade---If you really want a Jeep, you are better off going with the more expensive Wrangler that will at least hold a respectable resale value. The Renegade has reliability issues that include expensive repairs.

#7. Lincoln Aviator---described primarily with the opinion that it really is just an over-priced SUV that offers little in value to the owner, the Aviator is a luxury ride but without the performance or reliability you should expect from an expensive SUV.

#6. Ford Bronco---the new Bronco with the 2.7L Turbo EcoBoost engine has had more than its share of problems, especially with valve issues that require very expensive repairs and is also a safety issue. In fact, the NHTSA initiated an official investigation due to a significant number of complaints of Bronco engine failure occurring in traffic, which could result in traffic fatalities due to the abrupt nature of the vehicle coming to an engine-grinding halt without warning to the driver or surrounding vehicles. According to the host the Toyota 2023 4Runner is a much better vehicle of this class category.

#5. Kia Seltos---its 2L 4-clyinder engine is under a major safety recall due to piston ring problems and other issues that include its drivetrain. The Corolla Cross is a recommended alternative over this #5 worst pick.

#4. Hyundai Kona---sharing the same platform as the Seltos, the Kona is another bad SUV choice that you are better off avoiding due to the Hyundai and Kia having collected a significant number of recalls in their earlier models. While the host admits the newer models may fare better, history raises a red flag shoppers need to consider.

#3. Mercedes GLE---if you are looking for a long-lasting luxury SUV you will want to avoid this one as multiple issues tend to arrive shortly before or just after the warranty period ends.

#2. Jaguar E-Pace---an aging line that is out of date with its competitors and as such offers little in value to shoppers turned owners. That and very expensive repairs make this model one to avoid.

#1. Land Rover Range Rover---is absolutely the worst SUV to buy today says the host citing a long history as having earned an iffy reliability reputation. It’s big price tag and high repair costs offer nothing but predictable grief for the owner of this SUV.

Top 10 MOST Unreliable SUVs You Should NEVER BUY

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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