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Top 10 Best and Most Reliable SUVs for 2023 Under $40,000

Here’s the latest “Best SUV” rating that showcases a range of crossover SUVs featuring both compact and subcompact models with both gas and Hybrid drivetrains that you can buy today under $40,000 that have amazing reliability, safety, efficiency, and value.


2023 SUV Shopping
There’s no denying that for years now, SUV’s have been the backbone of the American family car. Primarily because they are roomy and reliable. But when you become an empty nester, there’s a need for a smaller sized and reliable car that can haul enough luggage to last a month and the family dog or two while on those well-deserved road trip vacations around the U.S.

However, right now, pricing and availability are two of the biggest hurdles toward owning an SUV that will not leave you with buyers’ remorse a few years down the road.

To help new SUV shoppers find out just which SUVs can be had for less than $40,000 and have a proven history of reliability, here is the latest car comparison review by the Car Help Corner YouTube channel that you will want to be sure to watch today.

In case you do not have time to watch the video, here is a summarized listing of the rated SUVs that matches the recommended below-$40K models to help you discover that you do have choices when it comes to models with the pricing, reliability, and safety features you are looking for.

However, for all of the details that may or may not be deal-breakers for you, the video is a recommended watch.

The Best New 2023 Under-$40K SUVs Today

#10. 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid---This Hybrid with a respectable 40 mpg possesses a reliable 2.5L 4-cylinder “Toyota-inspired” engine that has proven itself in earlier models. Pricing runs between $31,660 to $36,515.

#9. 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid---One of the most powerful SUVs you can find in this price range it gets 36 mpg with prices running between $25,585 to $39,785.

#8. 2023 Subaru Crosstrek---For a small subcompact crossover SUV the 2.0 and 2.5L models are great choices with road tested 28-36 mpg numbers. It also has strong reliability and high resale value. Pricing runs between $26,020 to $30,720.

#7. 2023 Mazda CX-30---The CX-30 is a more upscale and stylish version of the Subaru Crosstrek. And, it comes with a 2.5L engine with a turbo option that makes this a sporty ride. Pricing runs between $27,355 to $35,925.

#6. 2023 Honda CRV---Lots of space and proven engine reliability this is a better choice for a larger crossover SUV that achieves 27-32 mpg at a price ranging between $32,335 to $39,845.

#5. 2023 Honda HRV---Has all of the same benefits of the CRV, but just in a smaller package possessing a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. Achieves 26-30 mpg at a price ranging between $24,895 to $30,195.

#4. 2023 Subaru Forester---Full time AWD and 2.5L 4-cylinder “adequate at best” engine makes this a nice choice for those wanting some off-road capabilities in a crossover SUV that can pull up to 3,000 pounds. Gets 26-33 mpg in road tests at a price ranging between $26,320 to $36,420.

#3. 2023 Mazda CX-5---Similar to the Forester but with more power offering a 2.5L turbo model and a sportier feel to the driving experience. However, achieves less mpg than the Forester at a price ranging between $27,125 to $39,875.

#2. 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross---One of the best overall crossover SUVs you can buy it comes in both gas and Hybrid models. Of the two, however, the Hybrid is recommended with its 38 mpg. The Corolla Cross pricing ranges between $23,410 to $28,840.

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#1. 2023 Toyota Rav4---One of the earliest Hybrids that showed good reliability, the Rav4 has a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that gets 40 mpg making it not only very reliable also but one of the most fuel-efficient crossover SUVs you can buy today. The Rav4 pricing ranges between $30,290 to $38,790. With its proven reliability and high resale value, it tops the list as number one in reliable and affordable SUVs you can find today for under $40,000.

Top 10 BEST SUVs for 2023 Under $40,000 || Most Reliable AND Best Value

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