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New Hybrids That Will Save You the Most Money on Gas

Here are seven 2022 Hybrid vehicle recommendations recently listed by Consumer Reports analysts with their projected gas savings benefit to expect when buying a new Hybrid car over buying a comparable gas-only model.

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Going Hybrid to Save Money

Earlier we learned about the savings in both purchasing a used Hybrid and controlling your rising gas budget expenses in this Used Hybrids and Hatchbacks with the Best Fuel Economy article.

Today, however, we are taking the same look but with newer model Hybrids recommended by Consumer Reports that save you the most money on gas---with some models that actually pay for themselves right from the first fill-up.

Sounds too good to be true? It does since historically buying a hybrid meant waiting years to see a benefit from a Hybrid’s fuel savings. However, according to CR analysts we are now observing a lowering in prices in some hybrid versions of models with comparatively lower MSRP values than those seen in their gas-only models today.

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What Models are We Talking About?

As it turns out, this applies to some of the more popular models that include the Toyota Highlander and the Ford Maverick. Choosing only models that make the cut in their “Green Choice” designation, CR analysts calculated what payoff amounts to expect when buying a Hybrid based on gas prices at $5 per gallon and the current Hybrid MSRP values they are seeing today.

Listed below is a summary of what hybrids they found when compared to a non-hybrid version that will save you the most money on gas.

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New Hybrids That Save You the Most Money on Gas

1. 2022 Lexus NX
Price Range: $38,350 - $57,400
Rated CR MPG: Overall 38 / City 37 / Hwy 39 mpg
Rated #5 of 35 Luxury compact sport-utility vehicles

The Payback: According to CR analysts you will see gas savings as soon as you buy it. “The gas-only NX350 we bought to test cost $175 more than the comparably equipped NX350h hybrid we bought, but the hybrid gets 38 mpg overall compared with the gas-only NX’s 25 mpg overall. We calculated that you’ll save about $800 a year on fuel.”

2. 2022 Ford Maverick
Price Range: $20,995 - $26,860
CR MPG: Overall 37 / City 33 / Hwy 39 mpg
Rated #2 of 9 Compact pickup trucks

The Payback: As soon as you buy it. The gas-only version costs about $1,000 more in the case of the XLT trim and only provides 23 mpg. The Hybrid will save you about $1,000 a year on fuel. However, there is a caveat to this for owners who intend to do some heavy towing, which may make more economical and practical sense buying the gas-only version over the Hybrid.

3. 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe
Price Range: $27,200 - $46,010
CR MPG: Overall 30 / City 23 / Hwy 37 mpg
Rated #9 of 12 Midsized sport-utility vehicles

The Payback: About one year because in this case the Hybrid costs about $660 more than the gas only SEL model. It’s 30 mpg with the Hybrid compared to the 24 mpg gas-only, which will save only about $500 a year on fuel.

4. 2022 Toyota Highlander
Price Range: $35,855 - $51,460
CR MPG: Overall 35 / City 27 / Hwy 41 mpg
Rated #2 of 14 Midsized sport-utility vehicles 3-row

The Payback: “Less than two years,” say CR analysts who noted that the Highlander Hybrid XLE costs about $1,620 more than a non-hybrid XLE with a V6. The Hybrid gets 35 mpg overall compared with the V6’s 22 mpg, which they calculate will save owners about $1,000 a year at the pump.

5. 2022 Honda Accord
Price Range: $26,520 - $38,450
CR MPG: Overall 47 / City 40 / Hwy 52 mpg
Rated #1 of 9 Midsized cars

The Payback:About two years. The Accord Hybrid EX we tested got 47 mpg overall, and cost $1,435 more than a comparable gas-only EX that got only 31 mpg overall. Owners will save around $660 a year at the pump,” says CR.

6. 2022 Honda CR-V
Price Range: $26,800 - $37,800
CR MPG: Overall 35 / City 32 / Hwy 37 mpg
Rated #4 of 22 Compact sport-utility vehicles

The Payback: Expect for the savings to take longer with this model in comparison to a less expensive (about $1,200 less) CR-V Hybrid EX gas-only model. The Hybrid gets 35mpg, but the gas-only model narrows the divide at 28 mpg coming to about a savings of $430 per year on fuel.

7. 2022 Toyota RAV4
Price Range: $26,975 - $38,075
CR MPG: Overall 37 / City 32 / Hwy 41 mpg
Rated #10 of 22 Compact sport-utility vehicles

The Payback: About three years. At a cost of $2,084 more than the gas-only version, a 10 mpg difference in favor of the Hybrid will save you $601 a year on fuel.

And finally…

For a more detailed breakdown of each listed vehicle to get the full picture of its pluses and minuses, please visit the CR website. Note that while access to some information requires a CR membership, the potential savings make it negligible in comparison when looking for the latest information to aid your car buying research.

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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