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Tight Turn Fails and Saves Worth Watching

For a change in pace from our typical articles, here’s a must-watch Reddit post video showing some tight turn fails and saves that were quite remarkable in a road race.


Racing Skill at Its Finest

Earlier this year we posted some news and videos about professional race car driver Randy Pobst tackling some spectacular curves during Race Day at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Race. And while it was fun to watch the documentary of last year’s race in which he had an accident on one curve, only to return this year and put on an impressive accident-free show…and win!---it will be another long year’s wait for the next event.

That said, for a change from my regular car maintenance, repair and care articles, here is a change in pace as we watch how some drivers fair on tackling their curves during another race.

Reddit Post

In a recent Reddit post by Reddit member u/esca_pe today for the r/Damnthatsinteresting topic thread, the mettle and mess of how some race car drivers navigate a tight turn during a race is worth watching to see how different approaches to the tightest of hairpin maneuvers can make for some impressive race watching.

Must-watch race footageWithout further delay, sit back and watch this must-see video for your enjoyment:

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