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Important EcoBoost Engine Upgrade Recommendation Whenever Timing Repairs are Done

If you are ever at the point where your Ford F-150 needs to have its timing assembly repaired or replaced, here is an important EcoBoost engine upgrade you will want to ask your mechanic to perform in addition to the work.


Engine Upgrading
With the high cost of buying a brand-new Ford F-150, upgrading the factory stock 3.5L EcoBoost engine can be desirable on your used Ford F-150---especially if it is one that has proven to be exceptionally reliable truck.
Upgrades to an engine can be expensive. But it can also be cost-effective---provided you have it performed whenever a deep dive into an engine is done such as having the timing assembly repaired/replaced.

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The conventional wisdom of this is that since you are already committed to having a major repair done, you might as well take it a little further for some improved modifications while the engine is partially disassembled that would otherwise cost much more done separately at another time.

Oil Pump Upgrade Work-Around
One example of this is shown in a recent FordTechMakuloco YouTube channel where Brian demonstrates a cool trick for doing an EcoBoost engine oil pump upgrade while the timing assembly is exposed---and without having to drop the oil pan!

Dropping the oil pan is the typical manual recommendation, which requires a significant amount of extra work that can be avoided with Brian’s oil pump upgrade work-around.

In the video posted below you will watch as Brian demonstrates replacing the stock EcoBoost engine oil pump with an upgraded high volume/stock pressure oil pump for delivering more engine lubricating oil for longer engine life and better performance in a client’s 2013 Ford F-150.

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This Video is Worth Saving
The value of this video is that if you decide to do the work yourself or hire a mechanic to do it for you, the video is a good follow-along instructional that can save you significantly in time and labor costs.

2011-2016 Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost Oil Pump Upgrade Without Oil Pan Removal!

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Image Source: Pixabay