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The Car That Is Uncatchable by Today’s Police

What’s the go-to getaway car preferred by lawbreakers? Find out with this short historical review of uncatchable cars, plus a currently uncaught “Blacked-Out Charger” that is still on the run from the police

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Fun fact: the U.S. has way more high-speed chase incidences than any other country in the world---about 250,000 per year. And why is this? Because despite the view that no car can outrun a radio and therefore catching a fleeing criminal in a high pursuit chase should be just a matter of time, it turns out that even the speed of radio transmission is not always enough given someone who is motivated enough, psychotic enough, and smart enough to ensure that their car is a step ahead of what the local law drives.

How High-Speed Evasion Works (at least a significant amount of the time)

As the saying goes “It’s the thrill of the chase.” However, the opposite side of the coin is that it is also “The thrill (if not necessity) of being chased” that has drawn public interest toward true crime stories and TV/movie car chase fans worldwide. Whether it be a pair of Robinhood styled hicks in the South with a gravity defying 1969 Dodge Charger or a dapper spy in a 1964 Auston Martin DB5 outfitted with machine guns, an ejection seat, and smoke screen/oil slick evasive features, the message is the same---speed sells with both viewers and the viewed.

That was the message in a recent 337 Speed YouTube channel episode about cars that are uncatchable and the how and why the number of high-speed pursuits (42%) successfully evade law enforcement in the U.S…and is growing.

What Makes a Car Uncatchable

In short, what makes a car uncatchable can be broken down to three primary points with a best guess at a 4th that I would bet is spot-on.:

  1. The successful getaway car has more horsepower, better driving suspension, and tires for highspeed traffic conditions.
  2. A successful getaway car has a driver behind the wheel with skills beyond what most police academies provide in training.
  3. The successful getaway car has a body design and color that makes it hard to identify during nighttime.
  4. The successful getaway car has a driver who always has a plan and (to paraphrase poet Robert Frost) “…took the road fastest traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

An Informative and Fun Video

Follow along with the video and learn a little something about the early history of getaway cars as well as how that the criminally driven know that the best way to stay out of prison is to make sure their vehicles are no match for what the Law allows its finest to drive.

The Car That Is Uncatchable

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Image source: Deposit Photos

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