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25 Tools Under $15 Every Toolbox Needs from Harbor Freight

Here is a recent recommendation of 25 tools under $15 from Harbor Freight that are the little items nice to have in your toolbox and/or gift someone with that are useful and no one who works on cars would ever begrudge. Plus, a few pricier items that includes a special bench vise every mechanic needs---but probably does not have on their bench.


Tool Items that Need Replacing and Make Great Gifts

While most tool reviews we’ve covered so far are those that take some careful consideration before deciding on whether to buy them or not by the person who actually uses them, for the friend or spouse looking for a gift for a mechanic---this review is perfect for shoppers!

“Shop smart, shop cheap,” that’s the message behind a recent Wrench Every Day YouTube channel video where its host takes the time to display and discuss the little items from Harbor Freight that are useful and cheap.

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The usefulness of this review is that all of the items are ones DIY and professional mechanics use on a daily basis, but often to the point where they become so worn out that they really need to be replaced...but are not. Another common problem is that sometimes a mechanic has the tool, but really needs one on hand that has not been fouled with oil and grease---for example an assortment of various sized wire bottle brushes---for those jobs requiring a clean and cheap tool that would have made a job much quicker and easier.

That said, if you are looking for an inexpensive gift for someone who works on cars or need a reminder of small items to stock your garage with, here are some good recommendations that will save you both time and money.

25 Tools Under $15 You Need in Your Tool Box From Harbor Freight. Perfect For Gifts!

And finally…

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