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Best Floor Jack Comparison Tests Reveal Which Harbor Freight Jack to Buy and Which to Probably Avoid

Prices on 3-ton floor jacks can range anywhere from less than $100 to as much as $1000 or more, which begs the question: Can a cheaper floor jack perform just as well as the more expensive ones? Find out now some very important aspects of floor jack buying you need to know before buying one; and, which Harbor Freight floor jack to buy and those you will probably want to avoid.


Floor Jack Safety

When it comes to safety while working on your car, in my mind your choice of floor jack ranks right up there with observing eye safety measures such as wearing impact-resistance rated eyewear to prevent eye injury, blindness…and even death from impalement through the eye.

However, what is especial about jack safety is that while raising a vehicle on a jack there is always some risk in those moments between when the vehicle is raised and held suspended by a jack, and when you are getting the jack stands slid under the vehicle and properly positioned.

Should the jack fail (or slip) before you can get the jack stands in place, there is a pretty good chance of injury, which is why I typically use multiple jack stands in stages as I am raising a vehicle so as to “catch” the vehicle in case of a jack failure. Am I overly cautious? Maybe, but it works for me.

Getting Jacked About This Comparison Test Analysis

Because of my fear of a crushing injury from a jack failure, a recent Project Farm YouTube channel caught my attention that did a comparison analysis of 3-Ton Floor Jacks ranging from an under $100 Black Jack model/brand to a $1000 Snap On brand.

In between this range were other brands including those sold by Harbor Freight ---Daytona and Pittsburgh---as well as Arcan, ESCO, Husky, and Maasdam that are available through other tool suppliers and venues.

What caught my attention about the review and testing is that the video pointed to several features that a smart tool shopper should be looking for and considering when buying a floor jack that goes beyond its rated lift capacity and actual performance. Aspects such as weld quality, wheel size and type, build quality, and how that at least 3 brands look suspiciously similar enough to have possibly came from the same manufacturer.

And of course, there is also “the Harbor Freight factor” which is always a debatable issue when it comes to safety and saving money.

That said, here is the video posted below that is highly recommended watching for anyone who ever works under their car. As before, comments following the video provide some helpful advice as times.

Best Floor Jack? $1000 Snap On vs Daytona, Pittsburgh, Arcan, Black Jack, ESCO, Husky, Maasdam

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

Image Source: Pexels