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Best Extension Cord for Your Garage: Here’s What to Look for and the Brand to Choose

Here’s a recent review pitting several brands of extension cords against each other under a wide range of tests that reveal whether some of the less expensive brands are just as good as those that cost 4 times as much for your garage.


Extension Cord Confusion

If you ever been to your local hardware or building supply store you will typically find not only a wide selection of extension cords to choose from, but also discover that the prices differ significantly with some brands running nearly $100 for a 50-foot cord (depending on where you shop).

Seems crazy until you think back and realize that the last time you bought an extension cord for your garage it was likely a number of years ago since they do tend to last a long time---provided you don’t overly abuse them.

However, the abuse factor is often the primary selling point of all brands.

So, is pricing a good indicator of getting what you paid for when it comes to overall durability? Not always, which is why it helps to know what to look for in an extension cord as demonstrated in a recent Project Farm YouTube channel video where its host demonstrates what he found through extensive testing of several brands that run from $17 to $88.

In the video you will see how the cords compare with:

• Abrasion testing
• Cord/plug separation strength testing
• Bending tests on the blades
• Voltage-drop loss (current handling) testing
• Best plug-to-blade grip testing
• Flexibility under cold conditions
• Puncture resistance tests

The Right Extension Cord for You

Essentially the differences between the cords comes down to weighing price over expected use and abuse conditions:

If you are using some high current draw power equipment in your garage, then choosing a cord with the least voltage drop under a load is what you want. If you tend to accidently roll heavy wheeled equipment over the cord, then you will want one that can take puncture/crushing forces. Or, if your biggest complaint is that of plugs that seem to pull out of the power tool so easily that it’s annoying, then you will want one that had good plug-to-blade grip.

The good news is that the video posted below provides a comparison listing of all brands and how they rate related to each other under multiple factors showing that you do not have to buy the most expensive extension cord in order to have on that fits your garage needs.

That said, here is the video in its entirety that is well worth watching all the way through, but you could just skip to the last two minutes to find out which one suits you best.

Best Extension Cord? Flexzilla, US Wire, Yellow Jacket, Southwire, Husky, Woods, Bergen Industries

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Image Source: Pixabay