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Panasonic Is Helping Tesla Get Production Started on The 4680 Batteries

Tesla’s 4680 batteries should be in production soon. Panasonic is testing the batteries in Japan, so that they can be built quickly and be ready for use in new vehicles.

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Tesla and Panasonic have been collaborating on 4680 batteries for a little while now. The two companies were talking even before Tesla’s battery day in 2020. Tesla has stuck with Panasonic because Tesla would like cylindrical batteries which are higher performing.

The potential of the 4680 batteries

With the help of Panasonic, the 4680 batteries are projected to have some eye-popping statistics attached to them. The 4680’s are projected to have 5 times more capacity than the 2170 batteries. New technologies are being worked on so that is why the batteries are going to be worked on in Japan first. After the needed work gets done in Japan, it would make sense that the batteries would then be put into the cars being built at Giga Texas and at other Gigafactories.

Questions about the 4680 batteries

There have been some important questions raised about the plans for these new batteries since Tesla is working with Panasonic. The actual details seem a bit murky right now, but it appears that there could very well be different versions of the 4680 batteries. One twitter user said, “That would imply Panasonic has all of Tesla’s secret sauce hence spreading chance of leaky info. I smell Chinese version of 4680 in the near future? Or is my nose wrong.” Tesla will be the one to purchase these various batteries for use in different markets.

Panasonic’s future with Tesla and other EVs

The future of Panasonic in terms of working with Tesla seems to be a bright one. Panasonic is only going to work with companies that if it has the necessary resources to help. The good news is that 4680 battery was also a low cost option and it is a much larger battery than any of its predecessors.

Image: Tesla

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