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Imagine no down payment and extreme short-term fuel surge for parents of high school seniors in their final year before they go off to college.

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Yes, it’s true. More parents are now utilizing one-year leases for kids in high school; and it makes great economic sense.

Seriously, what if you could get your high school senior a car just for that one, final year? Buying a used car is not easy with the potential of major repairs; whereby a lease vechicle is still in its prime.

Fact is, few, if any, car dealers will make that kind of deal, but it’s exactly what more parents are doing through the short-term leasing marketplace.

According to the latest news release by LeaseTrader, a new twist on “bridge-the-gap” car leasing, one-year leases for high school seniors has been up 17.3 percent compared with the beginning of the previous school year.

“My son has one year to go and then he’s off to college where he’ll live on campus,” said Rick Farcass, a resident of Newark, New Jersey. “For me, this is the best way to avoid a down payment and get a super low price for the next 14 months on a safe car that’s still pretty new.”

The majority of cars being taken over for high school seniors this year include several models in the compact and sedan categories. The Mazda 3, Mini Cooper and Toyota Yaris are three of the most popular models in the compact category. The Volkswagen Jetta and Nissan Maxima are popular models in the sedan category.

“Parents with high school seniors are looking at the economy and asking themselves how they can find a more flexible, affordable option for their son or daughter during that last year of school,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of

Reasons For Getting One-Year Lease for High School Seniors

1) No long-term commitment on car payments; Customize your search for length of terms
2) Most vehicles are 1-2 years old; Still in great condition with excellent safety records
3) No down payments through transfer; Compact leases at low monthly payments
4) Lease contracts expire around same time son or daughter heads off to college

Average monthly prices on

Mazda 3 - $185
Toyota Yaris - $189.50
Mini cooper - $202.50
Volkswagen Jetta - $209
Nissan Maxima - $235.50

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