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Breaking: Tesla Website Hack Reveals New Cybertruck Powertrain & 4680 Structural Batterypack Images

Combing through the non-public side of Tesla’s website by a hacker reveals, among other things, a new Cybertruck image. The image shows the Cybertruck’s 4680-cell structural battery pack, powertrain & how everything fits with the Cybertruck’s exoskeleton.


Amongst large tech and automotive companies, Tesla is unique in that the EV maker is rarely victim to major insider leaks that spoil product announcements ahead of time.

Over the years, the EV maker has been so careful in keeping secrets that trying to pry into Tesla’s inner workings has felt like overcoming an impenetrable fortress.

That was at least the case until the last couple of years when Tesla’s workforce ballooned to over 100,000 employees across 5 factories in 3 continents.

With Tesla’s growing workforce and complex supply chain, it’s currently becoming more of a common occurrence to learn about the company’s plans ahead of schedule.

Some of the major Tesla leaks over the last couple of years include the Project Highland Model 3+ which was confirmed by Reuters a full year before Tesla revealed the vehicle; the upcoming Project Juniper Model Y refresh that’s expected to take place in 2024; Giga Mexico start of production delay as far 2027; and so on.

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In addition to these major leaks, it has also become commonplace to get pictures and details of the Cybertruck and the truck’s production line during various testing procedures from employees inside Tesla factories. All these leaks fall into the unauthorized information sharing by Tesla employees and suppliers category.

However, another form of leak that has become more apparent as Tesla grows in size and complexity is Tesla departments revealing in a piecemeal manner information before they were ready to be made public.

In one such leak that happened last week, Tesla’s online parts catalog website revealed a brand new refreshed Ludicrous Model 3+, with “Warp Wheels” and new sports seats. This information leaked contrary to Tesla’s executive team's wishes who just a week prior refused to answer any questions regarding Model 3 future plans.

In keeping with the theme of Tesla departments revealing new information, a new hack of Tesla’s website has revealed a never-before-seen image of the Cybertruck’s 4680-cell structural pack and powertrain and how the components fit with the rest of the vehicle.

To be perfectly accurate, the information did not come from hacking Tesla’s website but rather from Tesla employees uploading the new Cybertruck pictures onto Tesla’s website without making the changes readily visible on the website.

However, Tesla white hat hacker @greentheonly was able to comb through the behind-the-scenes code of Tesla’s website and was able to uncover the Cybertruck picture.

The pictures showing the Cybertruck’s structural pack and powertrain appear to have been uploaded in preparation for the vehicle’s delivery event which is currently scheduled to take place on November 30.

Admittedly, the picture, although nice to see, still does not reveal critical information including the Cybertruck’s battery pack size, the motors’ power, and the vehicle's range.

Having said that, the Cybertruck is the first Tesla designed from the ground up to feature a structural battery pack and to fully take advantage of the 4680 cells and front and rear gigacastings which make the leaked image at least partly exciting.

Currently, despite leaks confirming Tesla is working on a dual-motor Cybertruck and Elon Musk revealing that he test-drove the tri-motor Performance Cybertruck, there isn’t a lot of information regarding the Cybertruck’s battery pack and powertrain specification.

However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we get more information regarding the Cybertruck. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see how the Cybertruck’s 4680 cells and structural battery pack fit with the rest of the vehicle? Also, are you able to spot any new details from the picture above? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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Tinsae Aregay has been following Tesla and The evolution of the EV space on a daily basis for several years. He covers everything about Tesla from the cars to Elon Musk, the energy business, and autonomy. Follow Tinsae on Twitter at @TinsaeAregay for daily Tesla news.


J Boyd (not verified)    November 1, 2023 - 10:29AM

Everything I've read says this truck is going to be the biggest FLOP since Hydrogen and it's being made with sub standard parts. Nobody wants a lemon and I think it's going to e that with most people unless Tesla pulls some magic out of their hat!