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New Tesla Cybertruck Video Confirms Automatic Opening & Closing Powered Frunk

The Cybertruck is shaping up to be a premium truck full of bells & whistles including an industry-leading 14-inches of suspension travel. And today, a new Cybertruck video shows, the vehicle sporting a powered frunk that can automatically open & close.


Tesla is currently in the final stages of testing the Cybertruck before starting customer deliveries on November 30. The EV maker has been producing 5 to 10 Cybertrucks a day for the last couple of months and thus far has accumulated a small arsenal of a few hundred Cybertrucks.

Tesla is using these Cybertruck prototypes to test out the vehicle in various settings. Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted all the way on the ice glaciers in New Zealand and Alaska; in searing hot deserts which rendered the Cybertruck unable to supercharge and breakdown in Mojave desert California; and 1280 miles of off-road conditions in the Baja peninsula in Mexico.

Cybertruck prototypes have also been spotted being tested over highways where a release candidate Cybertruck was pulled over by a cop and in tight parking spots where the vehicle utilized 4-wheel steering to make incredibly tight turns.

Currently, there are hundreds of Cybertruck sightings circulating all around the internet and in every imaginable situation including following a crash test and sporting a brand-new white interior.

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However, despite all these sightings, there is still some information we have yet to learn about the truck. And one such area that has been a reason for debate in the Tesla community is concerning the Cybertruck’s frunk.

The questions regarding the Cybertruck’s frunk include whether the Cybertruck’s frunk opens together with the front hood like the F-150 Lighting, the seemingly small appearing size of the frunk, and finally, whether the frunk will have automatic powered opening and closing leads or whether the frunk will be manually operated.

Thanks to previous sightings, the first two questions have been answered. For the first question, yes, the Cybertruck’s frunk opens together with the entire hood similar to the F-150 Lightning, and second question, the Cybertruck’s frunk is indeed shorter than competitors but makes up for it in width.

The third question regarding powered frunk has yet to be answered. That’s at least until today. Thanks to a new video of the Cybertruck spotted out in the wild, we can see the vehicle indeed has powered automatically opening and closing frunk.

As you can see from the short video above, the Tesla engineer operating the Cybertruck is able to open and close the vehicle’s frunk from inside the truck.

This makes the Cybertruck the first Tesla to feature this capability and should be a nice added functionality to compete with the Ford F-150 Lighting and Rivian R1T which both feature a powered frunk.

Elon Musk and Tesla’s VP of vehicle engineering, Lars Moravy have said recently that the Cybertruck is full of bells and whistles which make the truck hard to manufacture.

As an example of the bells and whistles not found in other Teslas, Lars Moravy pointed out that the Cybertruck has an automatic air suspension that has an industry-leading 14-inches of suspension travel between its highest settings and lowest settings.

Add to this powered frunk opening and closing which are both features not found even in Tesla’s highest-end products – the Model S & X, then this begs the question whether Tesla is planning to position the Cybertruck in a market segment above the Model S & X which start at $75,000.

Recent leaks, quoting customers that have been contacted by Tesla suggested that the Performance tri-motor Cybertruck will have a starting price of $98,900 which is more than $28,000 expensive than what Tesla said the vehicle will cost back in 2019.

Currently, rather than increasing our suspicion that the Cybertruck’s starting price will be significantly more expensive than what Tesla quoted during the unveiling, all the new leaks showing added bells & whistles have increased our already high anticipation for the truck.

As of writing, Tesla has scheduled the Cybertruck delivery event for November 30 and we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we learn more information about the truck. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see the Cybertruck feature a powered frunk? Given all the bells and whistles, what do you think the starting price of the truck will be? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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