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A Release Candidate Tesla Cybertruck Gets Pulled Over by a Cop in California

Tesla is currently conducting an extensive Cybertruck testing regiment ahead of the start of the vehicle's volume production. While testing, a release candidate Cybertruck has been spotted pulled over by a police officer in California.


Tesla is in the process of final testing before starting Cybertruck volume production. The EV maker has currently reached a production rate of 5 to 10 Cybertrucks a day and thus far has produced around 200 Cybertrucks.

Tesla has shipped some of the Cybertrucks to Tesla service centers across the US in what is expected to be a first-of-its-kind delivery event where Tesla hands over the Cybertruck to multiple owners across the country simultaneously.

The remaining Cybertrucks Tesla has shipped around the US, to New Zealand, the Baja desert in Mexico, and Canada for testing. As a result of this exhaustive testing regiment, it has become commonplace to spot a Cybertruck out in the wild.

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Thanks to the multiple Cybertruck sightings, we’ve been able to confirm the vehicle’s final design including ambient interior lighting, an 8-inch secondary screen for rear passengers, an angular center console design, and so on.

We’ve also been able to see a crash-tested Cybertruck and the vehicle’s unique giga wiper in action. Given the hundreds of Cybertruck sightings floating around the internet, we’ve thought we had seen it all.

However, today thanks to a keen-eyed X used in California, we’ve seen what’s perhaps the first instance of a Cybertruck being pulled over by a police vehicle. The short 5-second video doesn’t give us a lot of information about why the cop pulled over the Cybertruck.

Online speculation, however, suggests the Cybertruck was merely pulled over because it’s a unique exterior design and the cop wanted to take a closer look. However, there is a chance it could also be for speeding or some other traffic rule transgression.

Especially, given the fact that Tesla vehicles have spectacular performance that can be engaged silently and without much effort, it wouldn’t be at all surprising that the release candidate Cybertruck was pulled over for speeding.

Elon Musk has recently revealed to the world that he test-drove the Performance Cybertruck and that it’s next-level. The specs of the vehicle are currently not yet known however, previous leaks and Tesla statements suggest the vehicle might be able to do 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds.

Currently, despite some fun conjecture, there isn’t any concrete information regarding the Cybertruck’s specs and the reason a cop pulled over the vehicle. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we receive more information.

 Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Surprised to see a release candidate Cbyertruck pulled over by a police officer? Also, what do you think the specs of the performance Cybertruck will be? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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