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Tesla Employee Celebrates Halloween Trick-or-Treating in a Production Candidate Cybertruck Around His Neighborhood

Tesla has been testing the Cybertruck in a variety of challenging conditions across the world. However, today, in what must be the Cybertruck’s most delicious test yet, a Tesla employee has taken the truck trick-or-treating around his neighborhood.


Ahead of the vehicle’s November 30 delivery date, Tesla is currently testing the Cybertruck under every imaginable condition possible.

During this exhaustive testing regiment, we’ve seen the Cybertruck undergoing grueling off-road testing through 1280 miles of dirt road in the Baja Peninsula in Mexico; we’ve also seen the Cybertruck tackle icy conditions on top of glaciers in Alaska, New Zealand, and Ice Land.

And if the extreme icy conditions weren’t enough, Tesla has also taken the Cybertruck to the Mojave desert in California. During this test, the Cybertruck became unable to supercharge in the desert heat and had to be towed after breaking down.

In addition to the extreme conditions, Tesla is also testing the Cybertruck in normal driving conditions. Release candidate Cybertrucks have been spotted testing on highways all over the US where one prototype was spotted pulled over by a cop in California.

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Tesla has also taken Cybertruck prototypes to tight parking lots where the vehicle has demonstrated its incredible agility by maneuvering turns efficiently using its 4-wheel steering.

Given the variety of locations in which Tesla has been testing the Cybertruck, the EV maker appears to have allowed Tesla engineers in charge of this testing procedure to take the vehicles to their individual homes at the end of the day.

This assertion is corroborated by the fact that several Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted all over the United States parked overnight in people’s driveways.

Most Tesla employees lucky enough to test a Cybertruck prototype and on top of that be able to take the vehicle home overnight have kept the experience hidden from their neighbors given the vehicle’s unreleased status.

However, one brave Tesla employee has gone in the opposite direction. According to a post by an X user, she was able to spot a Cybertruck prototype driving around her neighborhood trick-or-treating for Halloween.

Together with her X post where she wrote “Just a Cybertruck hauling trick or treaters around our neighborhood. NBD.” the X user also shared a picture of the Cybertruck casually making its way around her residential neighborhood.

Seeing this massive stainless steel truck in the middle of a suburban environment is something to behold. However, given the fact that the Cybertruck garners interest from environmentally conscious suburban housewives to the most ardent off-roader and everyone in between, it’s nice to see how the vehicle fits in various environments.

Currently, this is all the information we’ve regarding the Tesla Cybertruck that went trick-or-treating for Halloween, however, we’ll be sure to keep you updated if we learn more about the all-electric truck.

Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see a Cybertruck prototype going trick-or-treating for Halloween? Also, how would you react if you saw a Cybertruck trick-or-treating in front of your house? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Sue McLean X post

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