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A Hyper-Realistic Tesla Cybertruck on Cybertruck Crash Image Circulating Online is Being Used to Create Fear, Doubt, & Uncertainty about the Cybertruck’s Durability

A hyper-realistic image showing a Tesla Cybertruck rear-ending another Tesla Cybertruck is circulating on Facebook. The people behind the campaign are unknown; however, the picture is being used to create doubt about the Cybertruck’s durability.

The Cybertruck is the most rugged mass-market vehicle currently on the road. Since the truck started deliveries, we’ve seen Cybertrucks get in car crashes with other vehicles.

As you can imagine, whenever a Cybertruck collides with a normal vehicle, the Cybertruck is barely scratched while the other vehicle is totaled. A collision between a Tesla Cybertruck and a RAM pickup truck is especially telling of this fact.

Having said that, there was also an incident involving a semi-truck trailer and a Tesla Cybertruck, which saw the electric truck reach the limits of its indestructibility.

Since there has never been a mass-market vehicle like the Cybertruck, there is predictably interest in how the truck performs in daily life, including car crashes.

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Although a bit morbid, the interest in Cybertruck crashes is nonetheless understandable. However, bad actors appear to use this interest for profit. 

We’ve already shown a group using AI-generated images to sell what they claim to be authentic salvaged Tesla Cybertruck parts following a Cybertruck crash. The group is asking people to contact them on Facebook if they want OEM Tesla Cybertruck parts.

However, although the images are hyper-realistic, a trained Cybertruck observer can find clues as to why the crashed Cbyertruk pictures were fake and why the salvaged authentic parts are most likely simply a scam.

This is disappointing; however, before we are done dispelling AI-generated Cybertruck crashes, there appears to be a more sinister Cybertruck fear, doubt, and uncertainty campaign taking place on Facebook, similar to the salvaged Cybertruck parts scam.

This time around, rather than asking people for money in exchange for Cybertruck parts, the images are circulating on Facebook as evidence of the Cybertruck’s durability issue.

The pictures in question show a Tesla Cybertruck rear-ending another Tesla Cybertruck in public and the two vehicles falling apart into pieces following the crash.

Trevor Scott shared the pictures on X, writing, “I just had a Facebook family friend send this to me saying your truck looks very weak and unsafe.” Trever then expressed his frustration, writing simply, “Sigh….”

At first glance, the images certainly look real. Since this post is being spread to create fear, doubt, and uncertainty about the Cybertruck rather than to solicit money, people are less likely to analyze the picture in detail and, hence, believe it as true.

However, a closer look at the picture reveals that although hyperrealistic, it is still an AI-generated image used to raise doubts about the Cybertruck among the public.

What are the tell-tale signs that this is an AI-generated image? If you are ever in doubt about whether you are looking at a real Cybertruck image or whether it’s an AI-generated fake, the first thing to look at is the door handles.

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Most of the AI models currently in use have been trained on old data, and their source of material doesn’t usually go past 2021.

This is important because even though the Cybertruck’s basic design has been known since 2019, Tesla did not reveal the truck’s final design until the delivery event at the end of 2023.

Although The final version of the Cybertruck is largely similar to the original prototype, Tesla has made subtle changes that seem to trip up AI models. One of these changes is that, on the original prototype, Tesla showed off the Cybertruck with door handle cutouts on the Cybertruck stainless steel.

However, when it came to launching the final version of the vehicle, Tesla moved the door handle to the B-pillar to avoid cutting the thick Cybertruck stainless steel exoskeleton.

This is the same reason the Tesla Cybertruck charger port is located on the rear wheel arches rather than on the body, as is the case with virtually all other electric vehicles and Tesla cars.

However, returning to the Cybertruck on Cybertruck crash image, you can clearly see door handle cutouts on both the first and second Cybertruck. This is your best way to spot a hyperrealistic AI-generated Cybertruck image.

The second tell-tale sign is the lack of side-view mirrors, and this oversight by the current AI models also goes back to the original Cybertruck prototype, which did not include side-view mirrors.

Looking at the 2 crashed Cybertruck images, you can see both are missing side-view mirrors. Admittedly, this is not a smoking gun similar to the door handles since the side-view mirrors could have come off during the accident; however, you should keep the issue of side-view mirrors if you come across other questionable Cybertruck images online.

This finally brings us back to the motivation of the individuals spreading this Tesla Cybertruck FUD. It can simply be a sole actor who doesn’t like the Cybertruck, or maybe a competitor is deliberately trying to besmirch the Cybertruck’s good name. 

As of now, there is no way to say conclusively one way or the other. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we get further details about the matter.

Until then, visit our site,, regularly for the latest updates.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised to see hyper-realistic AI-generated images being used to create FUD about the Cybertruck? With the rapid advances in AI, what do you think this means to the idea of truth online going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by clicking the red “Add new comment” button.

Image: Courtesy of Trevor Scott on X

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