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Here Is My Machine Polished “Mirror” Stainless Steel Tesla Cybertruck & It Can be Yours for Only $149,999

A few weeks ago, we saw a unique Tesla Cybertruck with a reflective finish. However, rather than being a wrap, the owner metal polished his Cybertruck to give it this unique look. The work took 4 guys 8 days to complete, and now the truck can be yours.

Until next quarter, when Tesla starts selling regular Cybertrucks, which are $20,000 cheaper, the EV maker is currently only selling decked-out “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks with FSD and other added bonuses included standard.

Tesla has prepared a purchase agreement for the special Foundation Series Cybertruck buyers. According to this legal paper, Tesla could sue and levy other penalties on anyone who resales his/her Cybertruck in less than a year from the time of purchase.

Tesla says that the EV maker could sue anyone who sells their Cybertruck for more than $50,000, and these individuals will also be banned from any longer being able to purchase a Tesla product.

Up to now, Tesla has yet to sue anyone for financial damages; however, as a Tesla Cybertruck owner who sold his truck on the secondary market found out, Tesla wasn’t bluffing. After Tesla learned about his actions, the EV maker permanently blacklisted him from purchasing other Tesla vehicles.

Despite Tesla taking measures against people trying to flip their Cybertruck on the secondary market for a quick profit, this practice remains rampant, with tens of Cybertrucks currently posted online for sale.

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Among the second-hand Cybertrucks, one special Cybertruck specimen has popped up on the secondary market.

A few weeks ago, a Cybertruck made the round on the internet with a polished stainless mirror-like finish.

Unlike various wraps that give the Cybertruck varying finishes, this Cybertruck was metal polished until the stainless steel achieved a mirror-like shine. According to the owner, it took four guys eight days and cost $8,000 to give the Cybertruck this look.

Viewing the vehicle’s highly reflective surface gives this Cybertruck an almost invisible exterior, and it’s incredible to wrap your head around it.

Short of any major scientific breakthroughs, this might be as close as we could come to creating an invisible vehicle we all dreamed of as children.

In addition to the incredible polished stainless steel finish, this particular Cybertruck is fitted with highly reflective 24” GPC V1 Wheels and 35” Kenda Tires that complete the vehicle’s mirror-like finish.

This Cybertruck was posted for sale on Facebook in Lincon, Nebraska; however, the seller and the individual behind it, Robert Peinado, says it is possible to ship the Cybertruck nationwide.

Robert also writes a small description on the Cybertruck ad, stating, “This is a one-of-a-kind truck already being a Cybertruck, and you won’t find another one looking like this! Don’t miss out on a chance to own a truly unique vehicle that drives amazing.”

Looking at Robert’s page, you can see that in addition to this unique Cybertruck, he and his company have multiple cars for sale. He has a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Facebook for his previous vehicle sales. 

Things to note here, at least in Robert’s case, are that although he is breaking the agreement he signed with Tesla, he has made several modifications to the Cybertruck that increase its value.

This contrasts with other Cybertruck resellers who simply take the vehicle from the Tesla showroom and sell it on the secondary market for a quick profit without adding any value.

However, before you go jumping to buy the invisible Cybertruck, there are some things to consider. First, the buyer has not shared whether this is an all-wheel-drive Cybertruck or whether this is the much more expensive, higher-performance Cybertruck Cyberbeast.

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Currently, Tesla sells the Foundation Series Cybertruck AWD for $100,000, whereas the Cybertruck Cyberbeast costs $120,000. Without knowing this fact, it’s hard to gauge the value properly.

However, since the seller did not mention that this is a Cybertruck Cyberbeast, it’s fair to assume that the polished stainless steel Cybertruck is an AWD variant.

Another point that hints that this is likely a Cybertruck AWD is that most of the Cybertrucks Tesla currently produces are the AWD variant.

This means you will be paying a $50,000 premium to purchase this truck. Whether the bigger wheels, tires and polished stainless steel finish are worth this premium is your personal decision.

The second thing to consider is that Elon Musk has recently confirmed that starting next quarter, Tesla will start selling the regular non-Foundation Series Cybertrucks. This means the Cybertruck’s starting price will fall by $20,000.

At a starting price of $79,900, the Cybertruck AWD will qualify for the point of sale $7,500 federal EV tax break, further bringing the price down to $72,500. At this point, you might be paying more than double to purchase the mirror finish Cybertruck rather than waiting a few months until Tesla lowers the starting price.

The third thing to consider is the issue of warranty. The seller states that the Cybertruck is still under factory warranty; however, given that he is selling it outside Tesla’s blessing, there is no guarantee that Tesla would extend the warranty to you.

The fourth issue to consider is fingerprints. The Cybertruck’s regular stainless steel finish is already notorious for collecting fingerprints, and there is no telling how the extra shininess will affect this attribute.

Overall, we admire the ingenuity of the person who modified his Cybertruck in such a unique manner, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the Cybertruck secondary market.

Until then, visit our site,, regularly for the latest updates.

So, what do you think? Do you think Tesla has the right to ban people from reselling their own vehicles? Also, is this polished stainless steel Cybertruck worth $150,00? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by clicking the red “Add new comment” button.

Image: Courtesy of Robert Peinado on Facebook

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