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Elon Musk Responds to Anti-Semitism Accusations Amid Pressure by Tesla Investors

The media is in full force against Elon Musk amidst latest anti-semitism controversy. Investors are offloading Tesla stock, selling their Tesla vehicles & calling on the Tesla board to fire Musk. Elon, seemingly unphased, has responded by doubling down.


We have officially entered bizarro land. People are trying to cancel Elon Musk for alleged anti-semitism while ignoring all facts to the contrary.

Even more ironically, the Tesla CEO is getting attacked by the same people for being too pro-Israel and not supporting Palestine by turning on Starlink access as he did in Ukraine during the ongoing conflict.

But, before we discuss the recent controversy, let’s back up a little. Musk bought Twitter back in 2022 and since then, the serial entrepreneur has emerged as one of the loudest political voices of our time.

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Depending on whether you agree with Musk’s politics, this has meant a newfound admiration for the X CEO or a newfound disdain.

Personally, this is exactly what I feared when Musk bought Twitter and thrust himself into the middle of the political landscape.

It was bad enough that with Tesla Musk was trying to disrupt the highly entrenched and powerful fossil fuel industry and with SpaceX, he was trying to disrupt military contractors but, now, through his crusade to cure the world, as he puts it, from the “woke mind virus,” he has become as much a political figure as an engineer.

So what started the latest controversy? This has been reported by several outlets, if you want the nitty-gritty, you can read it here and here and here. However, to sum up, Musk criticized Jewish activist groups for supporting open borders.

Musk’s point was that a lot of the migrants coming through the border are actually against Israel. The post Musk agreed with had a line about being racist against whites which out of context seems to have inflamed a lot of people.

In my personal opinion, I have followed Musk on a daily basis for close to a decade now and I haven’t seen any sign from him to suggest that he is antisemitic or whatever “ist” the media chooses to paint him as in any particular week.

However, we are in the court of public opinion and what is the fallout from Musk’s X comment? Prominent investors and fund managers in the Tesla sphere are reporting that their clients are contacting them asking them to sell their Tesla stock.

Long-time Tesla advocate, Ross Gerber has been especially vocal about his disappointment with Musk’s comments writing on X “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and a day to lose it.” Gerber also added “Sadly, this is a win for Rivian... I will be replacing my Tesla Model Y for a Rivian next year and I'm sure the rest of LA will as well.”

So how is Musk responding to the public outcry? By doubling down in spectacular Musk fashion of course.

Musk responded by saying “bullseye” to an X post that read “If you're spending all your waking moments trashing Elon Musk for "antisemitism" because he had the audacity to criticize progressive Jewish organizations for their anti-white policies but you remain completely silent about actual anti-Semitic politicians and groups, it's transparently clear where your priorities lie, and that you're not actually a serious person.”

Musk appears to be unphased by the recent controversy and is continuing as if it’s business as usual. Also in the spirit of fairness, there has been a lot of negativity towards Musk in the past 12 hours however, there has been an outpouring of support for the Tesla CEO.

The above posts prove that, although there have been lots of criticisms directed at Musk, the serial entrepreneur still enjoys a lot of support, especially from the Tesla community.

Personally, my advice for Musk would be to be more careful going forward not with his thoughts per se but with the exact wording of the things he endorses on X.

Currently, this is all the information we’ve regarding Musk’s antisemitism controversy however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as the saga unfolds. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Do you think Musk is antisemitic? Also, do you agree with the way he’s responding to the controversy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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Tinsae Aregay has been following Tesla and The evolution of the EV space on a daily basis for several years. He covers everything about Tesla from the cars to Elon Musk, the energy business, and autonomy. Follow Tinsae on Twitter at @TinsaeAregay for daily Tesla news.


Joe (not verified)    November 17, 2023 - 10:59PM

Don’t try to defend or minimize this. Don’t deflect this to the media. Musk has shown himself for what he really is and it seems you have done the same for yourself by supporting him. The only thing that is bizarro here are the cult followers who put this guy on a pedestal no matter what he says or does.

Dead god (not verified)    November 19, 2023 - 2:32AM

Both of those guys you’ve used to illustrate wide support for Musk are far right propagandist mouthpieces spouting the exact same antisemitic conspiracy theories.