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Brandenburg Unable To Meet Large Workforce Demand From Tesla Giga Berlin

Tesla Giga Berlin will employ so many workers that demand won't be able to be met locally, here are the details.

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Tesla is rapidly approaching the end of construction for some of Giga Berlin's structures. The first of these that will be finished seems to be the body in white, followed by the drive unit.

Last week Elon Musk paid a visit to the factory, saying MIE ( Made In Europe) Model Y would undergo a major redesign and hinting at some new features that will be added to the building complex such as two train stations to service the factory site, bringing employees to and from work every day in a traffic-free manner.

Nevertheless, you need employees if you want to start production and Tesla seems to have big plans in this regard.

Elon Musk in Giga Berlin Last Week
Elon Musk interview transcript here. Picture credit @tobilindh

The German minister of economy, Jörg Steinbach, was reported to say "We will not be able to meet the demand for skilled workers from Brandenburg alone".

He said this after the first 6000 job descriptions were put into the hands of Brandenburg. Tesla apparently plans to eventually employ between twenty and forty thousand employees when the factory is fully ramped.

The Tesla Model Y will be the first product out of Giga Berlin

It is also expected that around 1600 skilled workers will immigrate to the German factory every year, making Giga 4 a hub from which innovations and technologies will emanate.

This promises to greatly help the local economy and offer a lot of opportunities to people in the area, and even Europe in general.

If Giga Berlin continues being built at the current pace, it should be starting production as early as the middle of next year. If so, we can expect the hiring process to begin soon.

This news comes as no surprise, Musk has created two companies that are the first choices of many engineers looking for work, in fact, according to a study from 2019, Tesla is the second most attractive company to engineering students, SpaceX being the first. This makes it unlikely that Giga Berlin will be lacking skilled workers.

Sure, Brandenburg may not be able to provide enough of these but the rest of Europe and the world will.

Thanks for reading through, please share with us any thoughts or insights you may have about this news in the comments. When do you think Giga Berlin will begin production? Will it be next year?
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