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Want Cool New Forester Colors? Many Customers Order Boring White and Black

In Japan, most customers are ordering the new 2019 Forester e-Boxer Hybrid in boring white and black. Why doesn’t Subaru offer more exciting colors?

Forester fans are wondering why Subaru Corp doesn’t offer more new Crosstrek colors like Cool Gray Khaki or Sunshine Orange for the new fifth-generation 2019 Forester. The two colors are popular with a younger generation of customers and are going over big. Subaru knows the Forester attracts an older demographic so the Japanese must think they won’t buy them. Jasper Green Metallic, Horizon Blue Pearl and Crimson Red Pearl are the only new colors the new Forester SUV gets for 2019, and they aren't proving to be popular with customers.

The all-new 2019 Subaru Forester is already being pre-ordered in Japan and Subaru Corp released what colors customers are ordering the new Advance e-Boxer Hybrid being offered in Japan, Australia, and likely Europe. In the home country where Forester is produced, 55 percent of customers are getting boring white or black.

Subaru reports 38 percent of all new Forester Advance models will be Crystal White Pearl and 17 percent are being ordered in Crystal Black Silica. Ice Silver Metallic and Horizon Blue Pearl are next at 9 percent, Dark Gray Metallic, and Dark Blue Metallic 6 percent, and Sepia Bronze, Jasper Green and Crimson Red Pearl are at 5 percent of customer orders.

Subaru Corp says 40 percent of all new 2019 Forester orders are for the more fuel-efficient Forester e-Boxer Advance models while the gas-only 2.5i Touring is 9 percent, 2.5i Premium 33 percent, and sporty X-Break 18 percent of sales. Subaru Corp says they’ve already pre-sold 13,282 new 2019 Foresters before they hit dealer showrooms.

Subaru doesn’t foresee a drop in new 2019 Forester sales around the globe and expects an increase in sales because of the new-generation changes. Their flagship model doesn't come in any cool new exterior colors, but it gets improved safety technology, comes with more passenger room inside, more cargo room, and keeps its excellent outward visibility. It’s a formula the brand isn’t willing to mess with.

Subaru Corporation is still a conservative automaker and Forester is the number one selling nameplate around the globe. They didn’t give it wild exterior styling changes, and they aren’t giving it any cool new exterior colors either. At least in Japan, 55 percent of new 2019 Forester customers like boring white and black.

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Given the car's conservative and drab styling, it's no surprise that they aren't offering wild, youth-inspired colors or trims. Subaru is still too small to alienate their traditional buyers, and white and silver are the most common colors. I still think that if Subaru came out with their VIZIV concept design, and/or made something wild like a new Brat then they would continue the attention grabbing momentum with some daring colors. Playing it safe has served Subaru fairly well, but I would also like to see them move forward with EV and sport models. Hyundai and Honda have been more bold with their designs and colors and their increased sales have rewarded their efforts.