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2019 Forester Offers 3 New Colors; No Cool Crosstrek Shades

The all-new 2019 Subaru Forester gets three new colors. Why doesn’t Forester get cool shades like Crosstrek?

The new fifth-generation 2019 Subaru Forester arrives this fall with new colors but why not the cool new Crosstrek colors? The 2019 Forester comes with high-gloss black or silver trim highlights and three new colors; Jasper Green Metallic, Horizon Blue Pearl and Crimson Red Pearl.

Forester fans would like new colors like the new-generation Crosstrek with "Sunshine Orange” and the new "Cool Gray Khaki," a shade that can also look a light shade of blue depending on the light. The new colors are going over big with a younger generation of buyers, and Subaru knows the Forester attracts an older demographic so the Japanese must think they won’t buy them.

Subaru introduced the 2018 Crosstrek with cool new colors and had so many requests from customers wanting the Tangerine Orange Pearl exterior color after it was dropped in 2016, they decided to bring it back in the form of "Sunshine Orange,” a brighter shade than the orange previously offered on Crosstrek.

The other new Crosstrek color, "Cool Gray Khaki” is also going over big with young millennials who are the biggest demographic buying the new crossover. Crosstrek attacks a younger buyer than the Forester and Outback, the other top-selling all-wheel-drive Subaru vehicles. It’s why Forester lovers get left out.

The top-selling Forester colors are Crystal White Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, and Dark Gray Metallic. The new 2019 Subaru Forester arrives in showrooms this fall, but won’t be getting any cool new colors like Crosstrek. Fans will have to settle for Jasper Green Metallic, Horizon Blue Pearl and Crimson Red Pearl.

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Hmmm, change just doesn't seem to be first and foremost on the Forester. Sales/demand for the 2019 will be interesting - No turbo and manual. stay tuned.
I've had two and am looking to buy my third Forester. Ever since my first purchase in 2000 I've complained about the lack of exciting colors. I was told back then more women bought Foresters than men - yet still no "feminine" colors. I think you're right, Japan doesn't understand the American Adult demographic - we're really just a bunch of old kids looking for a fun ride!
Will the color Sepia Bronze Metallic be available with the 2019 Subaru Forester?
I own a 2012 Forester and was looking forward to the 2019 model. The colors are terrible, especially with only the option of black interior which is too hot during CA summers. I love my grey leather interior which should be an option for the 2019 models. The one car with “brown” leather interior is more reddish brown. Medium tan would have been a better choice. What were the designers thinking? So bummed.
Agree 100%. Just bought a 2018 because of the 0% financing and was disappointed that the touring only came in black and brown. I reamed my salesman out and said design must need some women on their team! The inside is so dark. Not enough lighting for black. And don't even get me started on the exterior colors. Really??? Must we follow the monochrome drones of black, gray, white, primary reds and blues? I looked at other brands before coming back to Subaru because of that. Thank God that after two Foresters they still get me returning for quality, but for sure it's not a personal statement by any means!
I agree. manufacturers are stuck on blah colors. Let's see you can get white, silver, black and grey, then they have blue-black, red-black, brown-black. dark grey, light grey, medium grey.
For one that is sold on Subaru & the Forester, in particular, I agree with the comments regarding color choices (both exterior & interior) & that would be my biggest negative concerning this model. Regarding the new exterior colors, with the exception of the Jasmine Green which is comparable to that one from decades ago, the Horizon Blue & Crimson Red are (I deduct) nothing more than variations of exterior colors choice Subaru already has for the Forester. In deducting that Japan & Subaru does know about surveys, I feel that doing one regarding exterior colors would be a smart study to do. They might be surprised how their sales might rise !!
I agree. There are 5 teacher Foresters at my school (great teacher car!) and they all love everything except the colors. They are boring.
Need to replace my 2006 Toyota Hybrid with 170K miles NOW. Have CASH to buy next car - have done LOTS of research and FORESTER is my #1 choice. Why am I holding off the purchase - because the color choices SUCK!!!! I want orange, yellow, the new "in" autumn bronze - ANYTHING but the lousy color palate offered. And FYI Japanese corporate MEN - I am a 65-year old GRANDMOTHER who spends all my spare time on dirt roads with my grandchildren. And I am PISSED and WILL NOT SETTLE!