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Things Get Icy Cold At Subaru As Possible Fuel Mileage Cheating Surfaces

Subaru Corporation issued a statement they are looking into allegations of fuel mileage falsification.

On the heels of improper vehicle inspections at their Gunma, Japan factory, now Subaru is looking into possible fuel tampering with respect to data on fuel consumption tests. Subaru Corporation issued a statement today on their Global news site, that they are looking into fuel-economy data issues. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Subaru was forced to issue the statement after Japanese public broadcaster NHK raised the issue.

Subaru Corporation issued the statement today after it released another report this week about inspection problems at its factories. Subaru is not confirming any fuel tampering and says they will investigate the allegations. The statement says, “So far there has not been confirmed the existence of tampering with respect to data on fuel consumption tests at the time of vehicle development or model designation reporting.”

The Wall Street Journal report says a spokesman said Subaru didn’t yet know what fuel-economy data had been affected, how many cars were involved and whether any cars with problematic data were exported from Japan to the U.S. or other global markets.

At a news conference Tuesday in Tokyo, Subaru President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga didn’t discuss fuel-mileage measurements, but the Japanese automaker said Wednesday their law firm also received information about potential problems in that area and its investigation was continuing.

According to Subaru Corp’s statement today, some of the models are pulled off the line for fuel-economy checks. The reported problem occurred during those checks in certain models for a period after mass production began.

Subaru says, “Through examination by the above external experts, we received a report from the finished inspector from the completed inspector that a remark was confirmed that there was an act of changing the measurement value in a certain period of commencement of mass production of some models when measuring the fuel consumption which is part of the sampling inspection process.”

Other fuel economy scandals have rocked the auto industry recently like Volkswagen AG with their diesel engine fuel-mileage falsification, and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said employees improperly inflated gas-mileage results on hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Subaru ended the report by saying, “As a company, we are going to start with a thorough investigation on these facts with external experts. As soon as the results of such investigation are known, we will make appropriate disclosure.” Stay tuned.

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Might want to link the English language version of Subaru's statement, if there is one.
Thanks Harry, got it changed. The English version wasn't available at the time we wrote the story. Thanks for reading!
I can say with 100% confidence that My '16 Forester exceeds the EPA estimated fuel economy in every situation. I'm a real geek about it and it has always been about 5% above the ratings for City and Highway and my combined MPG is about 29 compared to the 27 MPG estimate. The car is far perfect and the oil consumption defect looms, but its mileage is spot on.
Good to know John. Thanks for your comment!
I’ve brought my outback 3.6 2018 in to the dealership 3 times. As well as contacted corporate. They continue to deny any issues with the vehicle. I travel highway mostly with Intermitrent city driving. My mpg over 6000 Miles is 17.5!!! This company is should be renamed Suba(wrong). Liars. And despicable. I would’ve never leased this vehicle. Ever!!! I signed up for 20mpg city and 27mpg highway. Which was a stretch for me. I did not sign up for 17.5mpg. Which ultimately is off by almost 10mpg. Ridiculous. And Criminal.
Hi there- I am a only 850 miles into my 2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited and I am VERY disappointed with my gas mileage. I'm getting around 19mpg and I drive VERY conservatively. I'm coming from a hybrid so I'm very conscious about coasting wherever I can and not jamming the gas/riding the brakes. On the freeway I may be lucky to get 22/23mpg. Car was listed as 25city/32hwy. Not even close. It is at the dealer right now - they are trying to say nothing is wrong. I'm getting pretty irked. Any luck with corporate?
Purchased a new 2017 Outback. Driving primarily in the Los Angeles area, SoCal. Close to 10K at this point. Do mostly City driving and lucky if I get 22 MPG. MPG seems to be getting worse since it was new. Easy light pedal driver, mostly flat terrain, just me in the vehicle 99% of the time. Carry work tools not weighing more than couple hundred lbs. Run tires a few pounds over sticker spec. Combined Highway City is rarely over 25 MPG, perhaps a few times since purchased. Monitor fuel consumption using old-school method. The computer estimated MPG is ALWAYS way over actual. Extremely disappointed! Decision to purchase weighed heavily on MPG. I'm ready to jump into a class action lawsuit anytime.
My son purchased a 2017 Impreza manual hatchback and he has noticed that the fuel milage isn't what was stated on the sticker. He has also had to have MAJOR engine work done and it's beginning to rust. So disappointed with Subaru!