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Team Offtrax Subaru XV Celebrates Impressive Win in the Grueling 2,800 km Maroc Challenge [Video]

Subaru UK just released this video of the Team Offtrax XV Crosstrek. They pulled off an impressive win in the 2,800 km Maroc Challenge.

Team Offtrax has pulled off another impressive win in the grueling Maroc Challenge. What is it? It takes place over 2,800 km of the harsh Moroccan desert. The two-woman, amateur team drove a stock Subaru XV Crosstrek alongside 214 drivers in 107 teams. They only had 8 days to complete the challenge.

How did they do?

In the ladies category, Corinne Copreni and Jess Watt, took first place and scored 8th in the Adventure TT1 class. There were 71 woman who competed out of the 214 participants and 20 cars in the adventure class. This is the same Subaru XV Crosstrek car and team who went from Belgium to Mongolia and back totaling 33.497 km across 36 countries in 2014.

Even with the extremely harsh conditions, the woman had zero mechanical issues with the Subaru XV Crosstrek. The crossover took on tough terrains, sand dunes and harsh weather conditions during the 8-day challenge. Other teams took on the desert in modified vehicles with professional drivers, while Subaru took two amateur drivers and one standard Subaru XV S-AWD.

Are there any modification made to the XV Crosstrek?

The only modifications made to the car are a hood protector and a sump guard, essential equipment for taking on the toughest terrain after the pavement has run out. The XV Crosstrek is otherwise all standard and even comes with original equipment all-weather tires as other XVs. Of course it comes with Subaru’s standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. It was powered by the base 1.6-liter gasoline Subaru boxer engine.

Corinne said right after the victory, “The rally is like a marathon: it’s all about endurance, and the Subaru XV has lots. At the awards, everyone was still astonished the Subaru XV made it, and everyone applauded the team”.

Watch The Maroc Challenge video

Source: Subaru UK Photo: courtesy of Kico Moncada (KFoto) and Jess Watt Photography

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