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Successful Russian women have fallen in love with the Subaru XV

The 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek was the Grand Prize of the Cosmopolitan contest in Russia. Why do Russian women seem to love the XV?


Russian women and Cosmopolitan magazine sure do like the all-wheel-drive Subaru XV crossover. Beautiful women like cars and Cosmo Russia, the international fashion magazine for women, gave away a new Subaru car to a lucky 19 year-old. The Grand Prize of the magazine’s contest was a new 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek. It’s not the first time the women’s fashion magazine has featured the Subaru XV.

Cosmo likes Subaru

Cosmopolitan Woman’s magazine is a global business, and they seem to like Subaru. It isn’t the first contest they’ve had where the prize had something to do with a Subaru XV. Other contests have included winning extreme winter driving courses from Subaru in the XV and dinner with Russia rally 2010 champion Sergey Gerashchenco.

Successful woman think the Subaru XV is sexy

Cosmo magazine even featured a story called “Success Secrets” of Helena Ischeeva who is a Russian TV journalist and successful business woman talking about her Subaru XV. She has a passion for driving and said, “I love the speed and can’t imagine my life without driving my Subaru XV. It makes me feel like a young naughty girl.”

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The most recent Cosmo Russia contest’s Grand Prize was also a Subaru XV crossover. Contestants of the Cosmo project theme "Generation Cosmo”, were required to come up with the most creative magazine issue. A 19 year-old named Catherine from the Azov, Rostov region of Russia was recognized as the most vibrant and creative and won a 2015 Subaru XV.

Catherine was given the keys to the new XV from the Subaru dealer in Krylatskoye. The 19 year old is a student at a local medical college and the 2015 Subaru XV became her very first car. Maybe Russian women like the XV crossover because it’s a sexy model and the all-wheel-drive vehicle also gives them a feeling of security in the cold Russian winters.