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Subaru’s New Rear-Drive Sports Tourer Gets Teased By Team BMR [Video]

Subaru’s newest motorsport involvement includes the Levorg sports tourer. It gets teased before its motorsport launch.


Subaru will take on a new motorsport challenge in the BTCC with the Levorg sports tourer. Team BMR teased a video of the new rear-drive race car below. Subaru has committed to a three-year agreement with Team BMR who will carry the Subaru badge and will run the new Levorg wagon in the series starting this month. They switched to Subaru after running Volkswagen CCs last year.

Jason Plato, one of the new drivers for BMR thinks the new Subaru Levorg racer will be a game changer in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). Plato has had plenty of success racing and is excited about Subaru’s new entry. He says, “I’m more excited about this project than anything else I’ve done in my career. I’m sure there’ll be challenges along the way, things we haven’t thought of, because no-one’s run this layout before.”

Check out the new Subaru Levorg race car video below.

The new Subaru Levorg layout is different because the car will have a rear-drive configuration. The regulations call for only rear drive cars so this wagon gets a unique chassis set up that is built from the ground up. This is much different than the WRX STI that runs all-wheel-drive on the rally stages. The team will also move to use Swindon-built TOCA engines based on the 2.0-liter Subaru Boxer DOHC turbo.

The team is getting four new rear-drive Subaru Levorgs built and ready. They will be officially revealed at the official BTCC season launch to be held at Donington Park on March 22. A new chapter in Subaru motorsports is about to be written. It should be an exciting new chapter. Stay tuned.

Source: Team BMR