2018 Subaru Forester, Subaru lawsuit, soy-coated wires attracts rats
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Subaru Hit With Another Lawsuit; Its Forester Attracts Rats

Another lawsuit has been filed against Subaru; Its Forester attracts rats?

Subaru can’t catch a break. Now they have another lawsuit filed against them for one of its vehicles attracting rats. Yes, you read that right, it’s true, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Japanese automaker for a Forester attracting rodents. They’ve had oil-consumption lawsuits, engine defects in the WRX/STI, spontaneous windshield breakage in Outback and Legacy models, and now a customer in Hawaii says her 2015 Subaru Forester attracts rats. Really?

According to a report by Hawaii News Now, there’s a new class-action lawsuit against Subaru Corporation alleging rats are attracted to certain car parts in the 2015 Forester. Maui resident Diane Shuey, discovered she had a fuel leak. The Hawaii resident took the Forester to her local Subaru dealer and they discovered the problem, rats had chewed through her vehicle's main fuel line. “They told me that thing could have caught on fire.”

Shuey says the problems with the rats have cost her more than $3,000 in repairs because “rat issues” are not covered by the vehicle’s new car warranty. She contacted an attorney who filed a class-action lawsuit last week charging Subaru with making a change to soy-based plastics for wiring insulation and fuel hoses that rats apparently find too tempting to pass up.

Subaru's local dealer declined comment on the specifics of the lawsuit, but instead issued this statement: "Our customers and their safety are our priority and, as we do with all vehicle complaints, our policy is to work with each customer to try to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.”

Shuey wants full refund for the car

Honolulu, Hawaii Attorney Chris Bouslog, who filed the suit said, the lawsuit seeks a full refund of the cars costs, since costs to replace each of the soy-based wires and hoses would be too extensive. Shuey says she's tried using rat traps “and all kinds of home remedies” to get rid of the rodents with no success. "It was a nightmare after just two months of driving this thing, and it has continued for two years, I love my Subaru. I'm so frustrated and I'm very disappointed in Subaru Corporation” says Shuey.

It’s an industry-wide problem

According to a report by Forbes, this is not an unusual problem and other automakers like Volvo have experienced the same problems with rodents eating soy-coated wires and causing extensive damage. It’s not just Subaru and Volvo, apparently Honda, Toyota and other automakers seem to be experiencing chewed up wires, too and it’s an industry-wide problem. In fact it’s such an auto industry problem, Consumer Reports even wrote a piece on “How to Protect Your Car From Rodents” article for consumers in July of this year.

Subaru Corp has been beset with other lawsuits and internal issues in Japan dealing with improper vehicle inspections. Now its Subaru Forester is being attacked by rats. Subaru can’t seem to catch a break.

Photo credit: Subaru

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I have had 3 Foresters and never had a problem with rode d's. However, my daughter has a 1998 Toyota Camry which is parked next to my 2003 Forester. The Camray has had problem s with rodents eating the wires. So, anything can happen to any car. She has also had a nest of tree toads in the Camray air vent. Again, it is parked next to my Foresters every day.
This is the exact same thing that happened to our 2014 Forester. A mouse chewed thru our fuel line and the dealer refused to cover the repair. Total cost was over $300. We've always wondered how this could have happened. Makes sense now.
stop thinking like a child. the dealership didn’t refuse you anything. Subaru Corporation refused to authorize the warranty claim. do you really think the dealership refused free money in the form of warranty work? who do you think pays for the warranty work and parts? the dealership? give your head a shake, dealerships are franchises licensed to sell that brand of vehicle. the are not owned by subaru or ford or whom ever. warranty work is paid by Subaru to the dealershi. and if it is not authorized by the corporation, and believe me the dealership tried to get it through the warranty because 1 it’s paid at full retail from subaru and 2 it keeps customers happy. they want you business again and who wants some moron like you getting all angry and in their face and spreading bullshit like this.
I Just bought a 2018 Forester XT. I have mice feces all over inside my car. I cannot find that darn things. I tore up my interior at 2,000 miles. This really sucks. My old 2011 Forester never had this problem. I put in dryer sheets and sticky traps, hopefully I can catch these mice. I Also found a YouTube video on a 2014 forester that had this issue and showed me how to place chicken wire on the rear vents. Mine seems to be coming from those rear vents too. Hopefully they haven’t chewed off any wiring that I cannot see...
Hey lady I'll let you in on a little secret. All cars have soy based electrical connections. All cars have rodent problems. It's not uncommon. Put out traps or put some aroma shit in your car that you buy at the store to keep rodents away. Whatever shit box you decide to buy next will have the same problem if you still have rodents around.
Got a 2003 subaru baja Runs great no roaches ,rodents, or tree frogs ! 265,000 thou and is still the most dependable car I've ever owned ! If they make anouther one Ill buy it! Last car I had this good was a Subaru BRAT !
Hmmm...soy-based parts. My 2010 Forrester's head gasket dissolved. Someone said it was because Japan was pushing manufacturers to use eco-friendly materials. Why they would make a head gasket out of biodegradable materials is beyond me. Same for any other critical components. Went from loving Subaru to hating them overnight.