Four new must-have 2015 WRX Sport Package mods from STI
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Four new must-have 2015 WRX Sport Package mods from STI

Subaru Technica International has put their stamp on the new 2015 Subaru WRX performance parts. Four new factory upgrades are here for the 2015 WRX.

We aren't foolin' when we tell you many buyers of the new-generation 2015 Subaru WRX will want to upgrade their performance car with these mods from Subaru Technica International (STI). Subaru has announced a new 2015 Subaru WRX Sport Package that can be factory installed for their new performance sedan. 2015 Subaru WRX Sport Package is available for 6-speed standard transmission models.

These 2015 WRX Sport Package performance parts were developed jointly by Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. (FHI, the maker of Subaru vehicles); Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA); and Subaru Tecnica International. WRX buyers can know the parts are developed with performance in mind and will be covered under all factory warrantees.

The 2015 Subaru WRX can be pre-ordered now with these four new Sport Package goodies. These parts aren’t new for the WRX, because they’ve been available for previous generation models. But these four performance parts are unique to the new-generation WRX and have been designed specifically for the new six-speed model.

When ordering a 2015 version of the Subaru icon, performance fans can upgrade with these STI “must-haves.” Unique black wheels. Short throw shifter. STI Shift knob. Cat-back performance exhaust system. They apply to all 2015 WRX trim levels equipped with the new 6-speed transmission.

The unique STI 15-spoke 17" Black Wheels help enhance overall visual appeal and and they also improve handling. They reduce unsprung weight, which helps to improve handling performance and steering precision.

The STI Shift Knob not only looks good, but contributes to the drivers comfort and the car’s performance. It features an ergonomic spherical shape and balanced weight that help the aluminum-and-leather STI Shift Knob aid in the driver’s feel and performance.

The WRX cat-back STI Performance Exhaust System sounds great, and it has practical benefits that will improve performance. Exhaust gases will flow more freely, so the 2.0-liter turbo Boxer engine “breathes” better, which helps improve overall efficiency. The performance exhaust removes spent gases quickly and easily under all conditions.

The STI Short Throw Shifter is a must-have for true performance fans. The shorter throw enables faster shifts and has a more positive feel than the original-equipment shifter. Anyone who has experienced this on the track can attest that quicker, more precise shifts translate into a more engaged driving experience. Overall, the shifter gives the WRX a sportier feel on the road or track.

The team members who helped develop the WRX Sport Package are Kunio Kameyama, FHI Accessory Quality Assurance; Yukiji Nakano, SOA Accessories Coordination; Gordon Yeung, SOA Project Engineering – Performance; and Yoshitaka Yamamoto, FHI Performance Accessories Development.

Many WRX performance fans will make “mods” to their new 2015 Subaru WRX. These four WRX Sport Package factory parts from STI are a good place to start. It's not an April fools joke, they can be ordered on your new WRX from your Subaru dealer now.

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If these parts are better than what is on your brand new cars, why aren't they included in the original design and not used to extract more money from buyers after the event. I am sure the difference in cost in a manufacturing environment would be minimal. eg If that exhaust makes the car more efficient, then sell it with that exhaust. Same with the shifter etc.
But they DO cost more to manufacturer, and many people would rather know they're saving $700 rather than putting a noisier exhaust on their vehicle. Same with the short throw, it's an option because I know lots of people who feel like it's easier to slip into the wrong gear with the short throw and it does add a whole extra component to be installed therefore more cost. The shifter knob that comes stock is perfectly fine and most people use it forever without bother, but if you want to pay more you can get one with leather/aluminum and if you think it doesn't cost more to make, why not ask why every car doesn't come with leather interior instead of cloth? Or 18 inch wheels instead of 15 inch wheels? These options cost money and every auto maker out there has the same sort of options. The SPT exhaust from my research actually adds almost NO increased performance, and Subaru doesn't claim it does really, it just has a much more rich note to it.
Because not everyone wants loud exhaust. Not everyone wants to shift "faster" into gears, but for those few who do it is an option.
The 17" oem wheels are swapped for 17" wheel (better looking for $1,500.00) but I'd rather keep the oem and mount some snow tires for the winter and buy a nice set of rims and tires for the same price. Short throw shifter is worth it. The exhaust (covers only from mid section to the tips) sounds more like getting the STI sound than performance to me (Subaru doesn't even publish any number web or brochure!). I would rather spend some money towards engine management to get a bump of power and torque up to 300hp. Too bad they don't option the STI braking system, that would be a plus to stop the beast...
"The STI Shift Knob not only looks good, but contributes to... the car’s performance." Very interesting. Did I miss the part where you mentioned the cost? Seems like something most readers would be interested in knowing.