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Audi R8 LMS gets Spyder DNA

This Audi R8 LMS was spotted sporting a wicked new look from the folks over at Spyder.


This collaboration between Audi and Spyder has produced a Spyderized version of the Audi R8 that is a truly wicked looking car. Audi VP of Design and Marketing, JJ. Collier worked with its owner and driver, Alex Welch, to come up with the unique spiderized exterior design. The Audi VP first saw the race car in its raw carbon fiber form and got excited about transforming the already cool car into something special.

JJ. said about the project, “When I first saw the car it was raw carbon fiber. Some would argue it was perfect just like that. However, in the interest of protecting the surface and making the car more menacing and fast-at-a-glance, we wrapped it in Spyder DNA. The bold asymmetrical strokes and mixture of matte black, reflective red, and exposed carbon are all in keeping with Spyder’s seasonal design tenets for Fall 2012. It is simply the raddest canvas we could possibly have had to convey our core brand aesthetic.”

The one-off supercar was part of the Pebble Beach Concours activities last week, and Spyder’s VP of Sales and Global Marketing, Russ Rowan was there to show off the beautiful car. “You know how much we love our Audis, and participating in this project was a dream come true.”

The Audi R8 is already an incredible car with its direct-injection V10 engine with quattro all-wheel-drive. In factory form, the car is capable of launching the driver from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. The high-revving aluminum 5.2-liter V10 produces adrenaline inducing power. But the Audi R8 LMS Spyder is more than just a production vehicle.

The Audi R8 LMS Spyder is a one-off race car that has been completely customized for the race track. The weight of the R8 LMS Spyder has been reduced by the extensive use of carbon fiber, and the platform was completely redesigned using an aluminum space frame. The supercar is now being tested by its owner on different tracks around the U.S. It was recently tested at the Button Willow Raceway Park where the GMG Race team has put it through different tests and configurations.

Spyder makes premium ski apparel for the “mavericks who stand up and stare down the obstacles of poison that stand in their way.” It sounds like Spyder found the perfect partner in Audi to bring out their passion for speed and can now do it on the race track with the Audi R8 LMS Spyder.

Image source: Audi