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The 2022 Subaru WRX Arrives With 2 New Upgrades Everyone Missed

When Subaru of America announced the 2022 Subaru WRX upgrades, they didn't mention two significant improvements. Check out the enhancements here.


The 2022 Subaru WRX arrives at U.S. retailers now with two new upgrades that most everyone missed. What difference will a half-inch make on the next-generation performance sedan? It's hard to tell, but the next-generation WRX has more ground clearance, 5.4-inches versus 4.9-inches with the outgoing model.

Subaru Corporation wanted to combine sports car and off-road characteristics into the all-new WRX. Performance fans didn't like the plastic fender flares, but the new wheel arch coverings combined with the half-inch higher ride height will benefit drivers who take the new WRX off-pavement and into the dirt.

2022 Subaru WRX, next-generation WRX
photo credit: Subaru of America

The WRX will have fewer rock chips not just from driving in the dirt, but since the all-wheel-drive sports car is driven in the winter, there will be fewer dings in the paint from sand left on the road from the snowplows.

Another upgrade most people missed

Another change Subaru made to the all-new 2022 WRX 2.4-liter turbocharged engine is it does not require 91 octane premium unleaded fuel. Subaru says 91 octane premium fuel is recommended but not required. According to AAA, premium fuel prices averaging $4.79 will save WRX owners hundreds per year in fuel savings by using 89 octane gasoline.

2022 Subaru WRX, next-generation WRX

A report from Subaru's Drive magazine says, "Every Subaru vehicle built in the past 30 years has relied on an increasingly sophisticated engine management system that constantly monitors the state of combustion inside the cylinders. Knock sensors relay information to the engine management system, and that powerful computer can automatically adjust the ignition timing to make the best use of the fuel in the tank."

In the report, John Gray, Field Quality Assurance Manager with Subaru of America's Service and Quality Department, says performance vehicles like the WRX, WRX STI, and BRZ are designed to run correctly even when the optimal grade of fuel isn't available.

The Owner's Manual states for WRX and BRZ models: "The engine is designed to operate using unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher." However, fuel with an octane rating of 87 or higher can be used in either model with no detriment to engine durability.

What is the 2022 WRX fuel mileage?

The EPA tested the 2022 WRX using premium gasoline and says it gets 19/26 city/highway and 22 combined mpg with the 6-speed manual gearbox. The 2022 WRX with the CVT automatic gets 19/25 city/highway and 21 combined mpg.

Why you don't want the WRX CVT

The 2022 WRX with the 6-speed manual is 130 lbs lighter than CVT-equipped models. Because of the weight difference, the 6-speed manual trim levels will be quicker and faster and still get better fuel mileage than CVT models.

Subaru failed to mention two upgrades; the 2022 WRX comes with a half-inch higher ride height, and owners are not required to run 91 octane premium unleaded fuel. Both have significant benefits.
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Michael Matthews (not verified)    April 22, 2022 - 9:21AM

You failed to mention that the 2022 WRX comes with more ground clearance AND a lower center of gravity. I’m taking delivery of my new WRX in a few days and that second factor was actually more important than than the first for me.

Lilsean14 (not verified)    April 22, 2022 - 7:41PM

Well the 15-21 wrx didn’t “require” 91 either. It “recommended” 91 same as the 22. So it’s not an upgrade….it’s the exact same. Additionally, it’s important people know how these cars recognize it’s running fuel with an octane lower than 91. The car knocks……then it pulls power, then knocks, then pulls power, then repeats this process until there’s no more knock. Shoddy research in this article.

Carl (not verified)    April 25, 2022 - 1:18AM

You failed to mention we don't give a dam now that they have dumped the new STi. This thing makes less power than a 3 cylinder 1.6 liter Toyota GR Corolla !!!! Subaru have lost the plot big time.

Harrison Wolfe (not verified)    April 25, 2022 - 7:27PM

What? Who lied to these guys neither of these things are an upgrade You can run 87 octane in when WRX from 2010 up. And increased ground clearance is also not an upgrade. If you want to upgrade build something that doesn't look like grandma's car. Or something you take to soccer practice.

Timothy Benson (not verified)    April 26, 2022 - 7:12PM

My 15 wrx protuned to 340hp and 380trq with 111,000 miles gets 28.5 mpg. So in no way is any of what is in this article a sell point to me. Any ody who knows anything will run 93 octane since knock is the biggest issue. So being able to run dirty gas in a direct injected engine is not a bonus.

Aric Sauer (not verified)    April 28, 2022 - 1:54PM

Nobody that wants a wrx has ever requested higher ground clearance. These developers have lost their mind. The body styles have proceeded to get uglier with each generation. After gen 3. It's been hidious

Mike (not verified)    June 26, 2022 - 6:46AM

Thanks for pointing out these facts. Hard to argue with the owner's manual.
I'd say perhaps nobody asked for more ground clearance in the WRX, but if it has more ground clearance AND a lower center of gravity, imagine the improvement to handling with a mild drop. To me it's more like a turbocharged Crosstrek. I'd actually lift it another half inch, mount slightly taller all terrain tires, and take it off road.