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2015 Subaru Outback earns Best Retained Value Award 6 years running

The 2015 Subaru Outback, has earned a Canadian Black Book (CBB) Best Retained Value Award in the mid-size car segment for the sixth consecutive year.


When shopping for a new car, many consumers just look at the sticker price, but another factor that is important is what that car is worth in four years. According to Canadian Black Book (CBB), Subaru's SUV-alternative, the 2015 Outback, retains its value better than any other mid-size car. Outback gets the nod again and wins Canada’s Best Retained Value Award for the sixth year in a row.

CBB: Outback retains value better than any other mid-size car

The annual Canadian Black Book “Best Retained Value Awards” acknowledge vehicles that retain the highest percentage of their original MSRP after four years. The 2015 awards highlight vehicles shown to hold their value the best based on performance. CBB is acknowledged as Canada's "go-to provider" of present and future vehicle values.

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CBB distributes its values in various formats to dealers, insurance companies and financial institutions as well as consumers on its website. For 2015, this distinctive award program analyzed model year 2011 vehicles in 20 different categories. The new-generation Outback gets the nod again after receiving major upgrades.

Outback gets significant upgrades for 2015

For 2015, Subaru Outback received a complete redesign and gets new a roomier passenger and cargo area, a fuel-saving Lineartronic CVT is now available (which is instrumental in Outback’s improved fuel economy). The SUV Alternative has a quieter more refined ride, enhanced Active AWD and new X-Mode, revised chassis and new generation EyeSight is now available.

The 2015 Subaru Outback continues to be a popular multi-purpose vehicle in Canada and consumers will use it for its intended purpose of weekend excursions into the Canadian Rockies. If you plan on purchasing a used Outback, you will pay more for it than other mid-size cars.