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18 Reasons Why Subaru Forester Is “SUV Of The Year” In Russia [Video]

There’s 18 reasons why the new 2018 Subaru Forester is Russia’s “SUV of the Year”. This video says it all.


Last week, at the Moscow off-road show, the new Subaru Forester was awarded the annual professional award of the year, 2017 “SUV of the Year”. It was based on votes as the best mid-size SUV/crossover in the view of motorists, travelers and enthusiasts of all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Voters said, “It’s a vehicle that has a high standard of reliability, terrain and technology.” This isn’t the first time Forester scores "SUV of the Year" as it also pulled it off in 2015 and 2016. And there were more vehicles in this category (mid-size SUV) than any other with 44 cars competing for the top honors.

Readers gave these reasons they chose the Forester SUV over any other vehicle in the mid-size segment. Forester is functional and practical, and provides comfort on long journeys regardless of driving style. The SUV also has the necessary equipment that is suitable for off-roading. These are Forester’s attributes that have made it Subaru’s best seller not only in Russia, but also around the globe.

All-wheel-drive off-road enthusiasts in Russian think the new Subaru Forester is the best in its segment. There’s 18 reasons why the new 2018 Subaru Forester and older models are a favorite with Russians. Check out the Subaru pulls 18-wheeler video to see why!

Photo credit: SKS Auto