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Your Jeep, Ram, Dodge, or Chrysler Won't Move When Shifted To Park or Drive - The Easy Fix

Auto Park is engaged. You need to shut it off. Here's how.

If you have a Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, or Ram vehicle that will not allow you to shift into Drive or Reverse and get moving, you likely have Auto Park engaged. Auto Park is one of many modern safety features that help to keep you and your passengers safe.

Auto Park helps to ensure that you don't accidentally exit your vehicle while it is unsafe to do so. Also, it helps to protect you from moving in the vehicle when a door is ajar.

If a door is ajar, you will see an icon someplace in the driver's information display. In our Jeep Wrangler example, the door ajar icon appears in the top left of the image above. If you were to try to drive off with the door ajar, the Auto Park system will stop the vehicle from moving forward.

Auto Park has some other functions as well. In some circumstances, it may also be disabled and a warning image will appear. The video below can help you understand its full functionality.

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Hmm, this article doesn’t actually tell you how to disable the autopark feature in my jeep. I did figure it out on my own tho: start vehicle and put into neutral, then open the door to activate autopark. Then close door, apply break, put vehicle into park and then back into drive - displays a message saying autopark is off. I about freaked out when I took the vehicle thru the car wash with the car in neutral, which engages autopark. With another vehicle right behind me being pushed thru the wash, the jeep says I have to park it? Yikes.
Thank you for sharing your solution because this article is straight click bait.