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What's missing on the 2015 BMW M4 sports coupe?

After our first look at the new 2015 BMW M4, we felt like there a few things missing on the car. Maybe you will disagree.

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We recently had our first chance to view the all-new 2015 BMW M4 sports coupe at a BMW event. Standing in front of the car the first thing that struck us was the size. It seems shorter than it does in photos and chunkier. This could be a trick of the eye due to the fender flares and the fact that the more mellow 435i is not as wide. The second thing that struck us looking at the car that BMW chose to display was that there seemed to be 3 things missing from this near-supercar.

Where Is The Stick Shift?
Perhaps you can tell from the photos we have attached. Do you see the footwell? Does there appear to be a pedal missing? To us, and to many BMW fanatics that write in to comment to us (which we always appreciate), there should be a clutch pedal located just to the left of the brake and a little to the side of that nice looking “dead-pedal.” Without a clutch how can one move the stick-shift into gear? Oh… this is one of those automatic M4s. Quaint.

Where Is The V8?
Looking at that gorgeous engine bay in the photos one can see that there is no extra space. Yet, upon close inspection there seems to be only 6 cylinders. Didn’t last year’s BMW M3 have eight? Arranged in a nice compact V? Hmm. It seems that BMW left out a couple cylinders. Now, we know this new in-line 6 with its turbocharging system does make excellent power, and even better, insane torque. However, is that all that matters? Is BMW now trying to chase the Nissan GT-R? Could the company not afford a V8 in what will be its most capable track-car? Are they planning to pipe into the speakers the sounds of a V8? Maybe they thought nobody would notice.

Where Are The Door Frames?
BMW also seems to have forgotten the door frames. There is no frame in door of either the 2 Series or the 4 series. Frankly, we love that. Those door frames are just in the way anyhow. These frameless doors worked great on the Subaru Legacy all those years. They will do just fine on this car.

All joking aside, it is a little odd that BMW chose to display its new BMW M4 with its manu-matic transmission. After all, the fact that this car can actually come with a stick is one thing that separates BMW’s most capable car from Lexus’ most capable coupe, the RC-F. Maybe BMW expects more people to buy the automatic? What do you think?

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Photo by John Goreham

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Todd (not verified)    June 24, 2014 - 8:28PM

As far as I know, BMW 2-doors have always had frameless doors. My E46 M3 does.

Second, last gen's V-8 is an aberration when (when considering the 3 series at least). BMW has been building I-6's forever, and adding turbos to them will make up for the loss in displacement.

I'm with you on the stick shift. :)