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What Do the New BMW 8 Series, BMW Z4 and Jeep Gladiator All Have In Common With the Mazda Miata?

These exciting and award-winning soft-top convertible vehicles all share one critical detail.


The new BMW 8 Series, BMW Z4 and Jeep Gladiator revealed this month at the LA Auto show all share one thing in common. Like the Mazda Miata, Fiat 124 Spider and many other exciting vehicles, they all have tops made from Haartz materials.


Haartz is a Massachusetts-based international company that is the world's #1 supplier of soft-top fabrics. Haartz also makes critical interior components for a wide variety of the world's most exciting vehicles such as the Porsche 911 Speedster concept. Haartz began operations in 1897 and has been making automotive materials in the United States since 1922.

The new BMW and Jeep vehicles showcase Haartz capabilities:

- The Jeep Gladiator softtop material is known for its durability and weather-resistance – making it ideal for off-roading.
- The BMW 8 Series softtop material has enhanced acoustical performance and seamless fit.
- The BMW Z4 softtop material has been tested for weight, thickness, strength, elongation, flame resistance, UV resistance and more to ensure maximum performance.


Haartz offers six popular top materials including its widely used and award-winning StayFast C material well known as the top material for the Mazda Miata and 24 Spider.


Haartz is an active supplier that supports the automotive media and convertible events such as the annual New England Motor Press Association's Ragtop Ramble, which has become an unofficial showcase for the company's products for over a decade.


DeanMcManis (not verified)    December 16, 2018 - 2:45PM

I have a Haartz Stayfast canvas top on my 1959 Karman Ghia convertible.
I wanted to move up from vinyl because the canvas looks so much nicer.
The Haartz top has worn well over the years, and it about time to replace it again.