Tesla news video has important updates on profits, Model 3, Solar City and more.
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VIDEO: Tesla News Includes Big Q1 Loss, Model 3, Solar City Sales, More

This week's Tesla news has updates on the company's profitability, an update on the Model 3's production, a new sales model for the Solar City products, and more.

This week's Tesla, Inc. news with Alex Guberman, three-time Tesla owner and founder of Everything Tesla has important updates.

Tesla Unprofitable
First up, the quarterly earnings call for Tesla, Inc. investors has a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. First, the good, revenue is up and has doubled since last year. The bad news is that Tesla is still not profitable according to the latest earnings report.

Model 3 Production
Next, Tesla has confirmed that the "Model 3 production is on track for July." That is great news for those who have pre-ordered a Model 3. But how long until the rest of the world might see a Model 3? See the answer in our previous overview of the Model 3's timeline.

Solar City
Tesla admits that its sales model for selling solar products to homeowners is outdated. The latest idea is to sell Tesla's Solar City home electricity products via a showroom.

Tesla Car Repairs
Tesla plans to expand its network of auto-body repair shops and will possibly open its own captive shops. Tesla also plans to add mobile service vehicles (presumably ICE powered trucks) for those jobs that do not require a trip to the service facility.

Tesla Stock
Alex also updates us on the latest Tesla stock news. Did the price go down due to another report confirming that Tesla was unprofitable last quarter? Did the news of a coming Model 3 boost the price? See the video to find out.

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