2015 Toyota Highlander
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Toyota in-sources 300 new jobs to build wildly popular 2015 Highlander

Toyota adds 300 more American jobs in Indiana to help keep pace with exploding Highlander sales.

The Toyota Highlander has always been a popular model, but an overall uptick in vehicle sales coupled with the all-new design of the Highlander have boosted sales by about 15% this calendar year to date. The Indiana factory that builds the Highlander for sale in the US is expanding to meet the growing demand.

Toyota Adds More US Jobs
Toyota will add 300 new American jobs to support the Highlander and also pour over $100,000,000 into the factory that builds the 8-passenger crossover. This will mean that Toyota will have an investment of over $4,000,000,000 in just this one Indiana facility. The added jobs and capacity will take about two years to come to fruition. Toyota expects the workers and new facility expansion to be in place by summer of 2016.

Toyota Exports Highlander From the US
Like many of its models built in the US, some Highlanders from the Indiana factory are built to be exported from the US for sale in other markets. This is not a trick meaning they end up in Mexico or Canada. Some US built Toyotas actually travel all the way to South Korea, which could not be closer to Japan without sharing a land border. Toyota finds that the non-union US auto workers provide a very competitive cost of manufacturing that helps enable more production here in the US and more jobs for US workers.

About Highlander
The 2015 Toyota Highlander is available as either a 7 passenger or 8 passenger crossover. Now in its third generation, the Highlander is one of America's top selling mid-sized sport utility vehicles. The Highlander recently earned the highest safety rating possible in the US, the Top Safety Pick Plus designation by IIHS.

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