Toyota RAV4 Recalled Again
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Toyota RAV4 Suspension Recall Update – Third Time’s a Charm?

Toyota cannot seem to resolve this ongoing RAV4 suspension issue.

Toyota is “changing the remedy” for the 2006 - 2011 Toyota RAV4’s suspension recall. This marks the third attempt by the automaker to resolve a tricky problem it has struggled with related to the vehicle’s suspension.

The ’06-2011 Toyota RAV4’s suspension arm assemblies have been troublesome. The components have failed according to reports and can cause loss of control of the vehicle. Recalls are a part of modern vehicle ownership, but what makes this one unusual is that this is the third attempt by Toyota to try to resolve the issue.

Toyota summarized the prior recall attempt in this statement: “In the earlier action, if the nuts for adjusting rear wheel alignment were improperly tightened when an alignment was performed, rust could form on suspension arm threads. If this occurs, and if the condition is not identified and remedied during servicing or repair under the existing remedy procedure, the threads can wear over time, causing the arm to separate, which could result in a loss of vehicle control.”

The new fix will be to replace both rear suspension arm assemblies with new ones. Toyota will also add an epoxy to prevent future arm adjustment during vehicle service. To see if your vehicle is covered, check out this link.

Toyota’s RAV4 recalls have been a little over the top, even by modern standards. In one RAV4 recall, the windshield wipers were recalled because they were not compatible with water.

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i have 2009 rav4 4x4, yearly since 2010 to 2016 i was able to realign front and back wheel, but since the recall been made to the rear suspension early 2016, the back wheel alignment can be done by Toyota dealers, and average cost is about $600 to break the epoxy seal align and place epoxy back, which means alignment which should cost around $100 by any certified shop, it will cost me $600 every year. that is very costly fix done by Toyota, and toyota refusing to acknowledge the problem,
Hello, I just noticed I have this problem now. I had the rear suspension work done last year and I see severe tire wear on the inside. Have you looked into changing the toe arm yourself to save money on alignments? This is a filthy dirty trick Toyota has done. I am so mad. I have always owned Toyota all my life and I will never ever again buy another.
I have a 2010 rav4 and experienced the exact same thing today. I either spend $600 to have the alignment done or throw 45000 mile tires away every 25000 miles. And don't even get me started on the huge spots where the paint is peeling, exposing primer.AAAARGH!!!
2006 to 2011 Alignment Yes Toyota replaced the parts BUT now the rear wheels cannot be aligned. IS THIS REALLY A FIX??
I've never seen another car with epoxy covered alignment nuts. And yes, Toyota wants $600 for an alignment now. If you look on the internet, there is a few companies making adjustable arms now. I took the Toyota arms off, and installed the adjustable ones. It was then $89 for an alignment at my local tire shop, $200 for the arms. Last Toyota I buy also.
Could you provide me those names of companies that make adjustable arms? And which one did you choose(company, part number, etc.), thanks! Toyota did a filthy dirty trick to fix the problem, my next would be a Honda or other brand, not a Toyota again WHATSOEVER!!!!!!
Do you remember what part number (adjustable arms) you bought for this fix? Thanks
I have a 2007 RAV4 and was just faced with this epoxy mess. How can this be considered a fix? It was Toyota attempting to cover their asses while leaving their consumers to foot the bill when the alignment goes out. As it does OFTEN. On any vehicle! How could Toyota “accidentally” overlook this when stupidly concocting this rediculous ‘fix’?! And when speaking with Toyota customer care, whom care enough to ask you to take a survey about your exciting phone experience, you couldn’t feel like more of a number. A useless, needless, number. Told just the same as the dealership - it is now your responsibility after our one-time good-faith replacement. GOOD FAITH?! And I’m seeing this ‘good-faith’ garbage all over the blogs - as though it were a scripted answer right out of their c-serv textbook, in anticipation of this mockery of a continuing recall failure. Unbelievably disappointing and angering.
We too are facing this issue with the rear suspension alignment on our 2009 RAV4 and like everyone else both disappointed with Toyota's handling of this problem and angry about the costs to keep our car running and safe. I wonder if anyone has considered starting a class action lawsuit against Toyota since this is an engineering failure on their part and remains a safety issue for all of us who own these cars.
Same issues, 2009 Rav all wheel drive, wears out rear tires in 12000 miles,
I would be in for a class action lawsuit.
Same issue with 2009 Rav 4. So pissed!
Happened to mine as well. There's obvious severe wear on rear right tire and there's no way to align it without breaking the epoxy seal This is an insult to customer How about suing the company? Anyone?
A toyota dealer already has done so in California.
I just bought a toyota rav4 3 weeks ago a d noticed the back tires out of aligament. Now i dont know what do i do. Toyota is so stupid ro o that .i am going to try to get my money back. After learning about this .every one needs ro sue their asses.
took my 2010 RAV4 for alignment... the tech called me into garage and showed me the sticker that says "not adjustable, do not remove"..... i immediately left and went to toyota dealer i bought the car from. he said this was his first encounter with this issue and he would look into it and get back to me.....well this is going on nearly 3 months and still no resolve...we have reached out to the district manager and toyota customer service and we continue to get the run around....i already paid for a full alignment and it couldn't be performed so i am out that rear wheels are 0.5% out of alignment ....i just bought four new tires so now i am running the risk of ruining them with premature wear....i can't afford not to use the car daily! wants me to pay $100 of the $500 charge for the "remedy"....i call BS...i already paid for an incomplete alignment....also moving forward what will they want me to pay??the whole $500??? nope not happening!! an attorney says starting a class action is very time consuming and expensive and you must make sure who ever yo u pick is well versed as they are very difficult cases and very detailed....i think toyota knows this and banks on the fact they can do wrong to us and just keep going....this is my fourth toyota....and my last....i am so so so disappointed in this company....
I could copy and paste the comments above here. Seems like if you own a Rav4 between the 2009 - 20016 range you are screwed if you need a rear alignment. I also called Toyota "what do you want Toyota to do for you Ma'am". I said "I want you to pay for the replacement part so I can get an alignment and not ruin my new tires" and I was transferred to the complaint department who did NOTHING. But take my name! I have LOVED this vehicle until now. I would put my name on a suit to sue.
My 2010 Rav is in the shop now with this same issue! I was never told when they did the recall something would have to be removed by Toyota before alignment. I have also ruined a set of tires due to this. I have been battling with Toyota for 5 days now. Something needs to be done as the service at Toyota SUCKS!!!!!
With my 2010 Rav 4 Toyota I have the same Problem . I actually kind embarrassed myself yesterday. I am easy going guy; but I hate to be taken advantage of. At the local dealership where I purchased this Vehicle they agree not to agree that it is a toyota engineering oversight; and there hands are tied.. If you want the inside toe on the rear tires fixed, the whole rear suspension must be redone again. "the cost 939.00 dollars. Same Epoxy Job. Toyota should not brag about the longest lasting cars on the road. The truth of the mater is that if you love your Car You Spend Money
Rear Toe allinemennt adjusters recall. The part is now being epoxied due to a Toyota manufacturing flaw. Now the customers have to suffer the cost at $600.00 To have a simple allinement done on the rear of the car. The online car reviews from other customers are really pissed for being played suckers from Toyota. There is a lot of loyal Toyota customers going to drop Toyota and go with Honda. And after getting rid of these flawed cars to the open market and other people get to own flawed junk “Toyota’s”, their view will be the same as the current Toyota owners. Then the snowball effect kicks in plus all the news about Toyota’s now being junk cars I’m sure will hurt the company where it should, in their bank accounts. I was a big loyal Toyota owner for years, taking a lot of heat from my nascar friends for owning a Toyota, wait till they hear about this, this will make their day and a I told you so will be next. Toyota has or had a chance to do it right and they are blowing it big time. 2006-2011 years have been recalled on the RAV4, over 200,000 cars. At this number Toyota will go down quick. I also have been through 2 sets of expensive tires due to this problem to find out it’s a shoddy way for Toyota to do business like this. We, the customer have been played off as stupid, I don’t see it that way along with a lot of others. I hear Honda’s are still doing it right, if something don’t happen soon, I will be finding it out myself. Oh I almost forgot, the tires now going bad way to soon is a safety issue and now very hard to afford the cost of operation for this vehicle, you think it’s the shocks, they check good, shame on you Toyota.
We just brought my daughter's 2007 Rav4 to the dealership after it wouldn't pass inspection with our mechanic, who's been servicing it since we bought it in 2007. Diagnosis - "Found both rear sway bar links loose and right rear toe link worn at knuckle end. Note that toe link is part of a recall." When we brought it to the dealer we bought it from, the customer service rep looked at the diagnosis from our mechanic and said, "The toe link wasn't part of the recall." We were resigned to hearing about a large bill to replace it so that the car would pass inspection. After looking at the car (which had been serviced for a rear suspension recall in 2014), our dealership said they would repair it at no charge, including alignment. Reading these comments online, I think we really lucked out with our dealership in southern New Hampshire. That said, I bought a 2017 Honda CRV turbo last year, mainly because the Rav4 no longer had a V6 option. I LOVE my CRV. It cost less than the Rav4 did 11 years ago and it has every option under the sun.
Which dealership in southern NH did you take it to? I am having same problem with my 2010 RAV4 and I live in southern nh. Toyota of Nashua? Rockingham?
Hi Lori, it was Toyota of Nashua. I bought the car from them back in 2007.
I have the same problem with my 2010 Rav 4. Promised by the service manager that he would call me. That was 3 weeks ago. I have contacted Toyota USA. Will see what happens. Looks like its time for a class action lawsuit and I know just the attorney to handle it.
would love to know if the class action has been started...we are on the 3rd set of tires since the 'fix' and been told we would need 900$ to replace the part they welded/Epoxied in order to get an alignment.
Our rear suspension arm broke and we lost control on a major highway with a speed limit of 70 and our daughter was in the car. We were lucky to have missed all of the cars around us.. I would like to know as well if there is a class action lawsuit for this issue.
Same problem, can not align without replacing rear control arm! Count me in on a Class Action!
I don't know how many times I called Toyota USA. I think they did notify the dealership in Meridian, Ms. a couple of times and they lied and said they were working with me but they just continued to ignore the situation. Somebody needs to jack them up. I am on my fourth set of tires and have 90,000 miles on the odometer. Mine is a 2010 Rav also.
We bought a 2008 Rav4 about 4 months ago NOT knowing anything about the recall. Put a new set of tires on the rear and now it's wearing prematurely. Call the shop and they said the rear suspension CAN NOT be adjusted. Called Toyota service the same ridiculous answer like everyone's else. Will probably going to trade it in BUT not for a TOYOTA!!
Same deal. I got quoted just under $1100 to have the rear aligned on my Rav4 after the recall. This was on the same day that the dealership was promoting a "$90 Alignment Special" on their website. So, thanks to the recall, Toyota wants me to pay a $1090 premium purely because of their half-baked recall repair job. Toyota HQ refused to cover the cost. The rep also kept saying "We can't be expected to pay for a repair." To which I explained "This is maintenance, not a repair. And I was ready to pay $90 for it, but there is no way in hell I am paying $1100 because of Toyota's substandard engineering and cost cutting." I told the Toyota rep that I am contacting class action law firms and that didn't seem to bother her. No apologies, not acknowledgment of how unfair the situation is. I urge all of you to google 'Automative Class Action Law Firm' and leave a message with at least three of them. This impacts over 330,000 RAV4 vehicles. Firms will likely be very interested in pursuing this. This stinks for four reasons: 1. It seems to breach the Right To Repair act, because Toyota disabled the ability for anyone other than a Toyota dealer to perform this basic maintenance task. 2. They are forcing the customer to pay for the defective part over and over again (due to opting not to invest the time and money in reengineering the rear suspension arm). To quote the tech at the Toyota dealership "I'm really sorry but our hands are tied. This is purely because of the hokey repair that the Toyota accountants and engineers devised." 3. Because the tire store couldn't realign my rear when installing my winter tires, it means I will be clocking up uneven wear on my tires until Toyota steps up and fixes this. So, not only will they ultimately be paying for fixing the problem with the rear suspension arm, my lawyer will see that they buy me a new set of tires while they're at it. 4. Prior to this issue, I LOVED my car and I LOVED Toyota. I would preach about the brand to anyone shopping for a car. It is the first time I have ever loved a car I have owned. And my wife and I had our eyes on the new 2019 RAV4. If Toyota doesn't truly solve this issue and do what is right, I can never buy another Toyota. This is truly sad. I expected better from Toyota.