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You won’t believe the cause of this Toyota RAV 4 recall

About a half million RAV 4 and RAV 4 EVs are being recalled for a windshield wiper defect with a ridiculous cause.

Toyota has announced that it is recalling over 400,000 RAV 4s from the prior 2009 through 2012 generation, along with every RAV 4 EV (all 2,500 of them). The recall covers the windshield wiper arm assembly. According to Toyota, the wiper arm link can be damaged by – you guessed it – water. Yes, the RAV 4 has wiper arms that are not compatible with water.

The water apparently causes corrosion that slowly causes wear. The result of this, according to Toyota, could be “…separation of the wiper link from the wiper motor crank arm. If separation occurs, the windshield wipers could become inoperative, which could reduce driver visibility and increase the risk of a vehicle crash.”

Those owners who may be subject to the recall will be notified by snail mail, per the letter of the law. Don’t blame Toyota for NHTSA’s notification rules. If you own a RAV 4 covered by the recall, Toyota says, “…dealers will replace the water channel, wiper link, and wiper motor crank arm with new ones.”

If you would prefer not to wait to see if your RAV 4 is one of those being recalled, use our handy link right here to check your VIN.


Mark Day (not verified)    September 20, 2015 - 1:00AM

Thanks for the info. I heard it here first...! Hopefully can get it taken care of with next oil change. Good to be with Toyota.

Mike Duff (not verified)    December 14, 2015 - 12:19AM

Hello there. i just had that problem tonight on my way home. Driving 350 KM at night under heavy rain and before reaching home we had freezing rain. It was all an experience. One thing for sure is that i still love my Rav 4 2010 sport V6

Peggy Bradshaw (not verified)    September 19, 2018 - 11:25AM

I just had my wiper repaired and they made a mess of it in Tuscaloosa, had to do a second time, also had repair on back seat belt and afterwards could only find one seat belt. Took back to them on this also. Had a recall on window mechanism to, waiting to see what goes wrong with it.

Gary Thompson (not verified)    June 20, 2019 - 2:46PM

2011 RAV4 in UK. Failed in the rain. No recall in UK. Can't replace the failed ball joint receptacle so Toyota say its £259 for the whole assembly plus labour. Just glad my girlfriend wasn't driving.