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Toyota FT-1 stuns in graphite

Toyota rolls out a second FT-1. This time, in a color that does not look ridiculous. Maybe the car is for real?

The Toyota FT-1 seems almost a certainty at this point. Last week Toyota issued the announcement that it would be part of Gran Turismo. This week the company produced a stunning car with a graphite exterior and a saddle leather interior that makes the car look less like a cartoon and more like a supercar.

Colors Can Make a Car’s Personality Change
In red, the Toyota FT-1 looks just a little bit silly. Too much like a child’s imaginary car. However, in graphite with a rich saddle interior the car looks classy and rich. Almost as if the vehicle came from the place that Audi births R8 supercars. Inside the driver’s area is very selfish, and we love it. The color is mature and thank goodness, not black, which is no longer in fashion.

Toyota Can’t Tease Us Forever
Toyota clearly seems to be headed down the path of producing the FT-1. It can only make so many prototypes and video game versions before the company looks foolish. This is the largest car company in the world and the number one retail car maker in America. Put up or shut up time is approaching. We seem to think Toyota will put up. How fun would it be if Toyota brought out the FT-1 the same year that Acura brought out its never ending new NSX project?

Toyota Says These Pictures Are of a Car
The photos you see here are not computer generated wall art. Toyota says that it displayed this vehicle in Monterey California this week. Don’t be surprised if one drives to the next venue.

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