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Toyota and Chevy offer hard-to-believe discounts on 2015 Prius and Volt

Here’s why Toyota and Chevy are throwing money at the Prius and Volt.

In case you have not been out in the past year, gasoline is dirt-cheap. On my most recent road trip in rural New Hampshire, I filled up on $2.01 regular unleaded. This reality has driven shoppers back to trucks and into crossovers. EV sales have tanked to below the levels of two years ago (basically zero) and hybrid sales are down about 30% over previous highs. This is just one reason that Edmunds reports Toyota dealers are giving customers $3,000 off the True Market Value (TMV) of the 2015 Prius. Not the MSRP, the TMV. 0% financing is also available in some cases. 2015 Volt buyers are being quoted $5,000 below true market value by Chevy Dealers according to Edmunds

Those who follow the Prius here at Torque News know that on the evening of Tuesday, September 8th Toyota will pull back the curtain on the all-new 2016 Toyota Prius. By Wednesday morning, the green-car value shopper will turn her attention away from the older generation Prius to the possibly 60 MPG new version. The New 2016 Volt is already out and features a lower price than the outgoing car, more range, more performance, and better efficiency.

These facts are just the main reasons that Edmunds named the Prius and Volt to its monthly list of amazing values. The truth is the Prius’ sales curve had plateaued well before gas became less expensive than milk about 15 months ago.


mike w (not verified)    September 3, 2015 - 8:53PM

John---yes your article is correct. I looked at several Chevy dealers here in Northern Virginia looking for a deal on a Volt and never seen discounts of near $7000 off the MSRP are to had. No price quotes on lease prices which as so important for this type of car are to be seen and nobody's chat service seems to be working. Dealers are reluctant to release lease prices over the phone.