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Tesla Video Of Woman Trying to Gas Up A Model S - Real or Fake? Vote Here

A newly posted vidoe shows a woman trying to fuel up a Model S. Real or fake - vote here.


A new video showing a woman trying to "gas-up" her Tesla Model S electric vehicle has surfaced and its poster says the video is real. We are not so sure. Let's break it down.

The woman is oddly dressed and is, of course, blonde. That helps the poster to create the clever headling, "Blonde, Tesla and Gas Station - WHAT CAN GO WRONG?" She exits the vehicle having already placed the Model S on the correct side for charging. She does a slow walk around looking for the gasoline fuel port and finds none. Then, without knowing where to look for it, reaches into the Model S and immediately finds the charge port door release. As a vehicle tester, we can assure you that even in gasoline-powered cars, it takes more time than that for us to locate the fuel filler door release even when we know there is one.

Next up the soundtrack. When we record videos with smartphones we are always careful not to talk over the video. It is almost impossible to get right on the fly and leaving the video without spoken words makes editing and final production much easier. The laughter in the video sounds exaggerated to us and we find it odd that there are no spoken words to disrupt the video's flow other than a couple "she's going to do it" type comments softly added.

It also seems odd to us that the person who created the video took the time to obscure the license plate. Why bother? This is something that is done by amateurs or by those thinking there is some reason to do it. For example, to track down the person who owns the vehicle for verification that the video is real.

We don't doubt that the person who was driving the vehicle may have been set up and was actually doing her best to fuel the car, but even that seems like a stretch to us.

What say you? Fake or real? We are leaning toward fake. Tell us your vote in the comments below.


Jeff Samin (not verified)    December 20, 2018 - 1:19PM

100% fake. The hair is also a wig, and a bad one at that. This is an insult to women in general, and is not a joke.

Al Castro    January 3, 2019 - 10:46PM

In reply to by Jeff Samin (not verified)

Hmm not so fast. Something tells me she’s Afro American, that might be a sista, and if she is, then this is all explainable, its a cultural thing. We’re just catching on to the whole electric thing. Be patient, rest of America . . . ;)

Daybreaq (not verified)    February 19, 2019 - 3:02AM

Fake! You can tell something’s different when you get behind the wheel. There is no ignition. No way she didn’t know she was driving an electric car.

Itsfake (not verified)    February 25, 2019 - 10:47PM

It is staged, when she inserts Credit Card, it is instant. That does not happen in real life, you have to punch your code and amount. She did not do any of that.

Al Castro    March 15, 2019 - 7:25AM

In reply to by Itsfake (not verified)

“We don't doubt that the person who was driving the vehicle may have been set up and was actually doing her best to fuel the car, but even that seems like a stretch to us.” C’mon guys you dont think that maybe the setup was fake but they had her walk into this not knowing this was an electric car? I think it’s possible. There are still people in this country who have not a goddamn clue what a Tesla is, and what that means. I could see even myself if I didn’t know what an electric car was and I hastily borrowed a friend’s car like I did a few months ago, to not know all the details, that this could happen to me. I return borrowed friends’ cars washed and gassed. So where’s the fuel gauge on a Tesla? On the dash or on the flat screen? Hi test? ;)