Some of the Toyota Tacomas, Sequoias, and Tundras covered by that program will lose coverage on Monday, May 21, 2018.
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Tacoma, Sequoia, Tundra Owners Take Note: Some Toyotas Lose Extended Frame Replacement Coverage Monday, May 21, 2018

Toyota has a special extended warranty program covering frame rust and rot. Some of the Toyota Tacomas, Sequoias, and Tundras covered by that program will lose coverage on Monday, May 21, 2018. Two business days from now. Here's what you need to know.

About one year ago, Toyota entered into a formal agreement to extend warranty coverage on model year 2004 through 2005 through 2010 model year Tacomas, 2005-2008 Sequoias and 2007 and 2008 Tundras. Tacomas build during these years have proven to have significant rusting and corrosion issues with the frames of the trucks in certain climates. Toyota had been replacing frames on these trucks informally as a goodwill gesture, but on May 21, 2017 Toyota entered into a legal agreement with a class of customers to do the work. Toyota's official name for this is the "Warranty Enhancement Program." Many Tacoma owners just call it the "Frame rot recall."

One of the components of the Warranty Enhancement Program was the following: "The coverage offers the later of 12 years from the Date of First Use (DOFU) or one year from the date of Final Approval. (5/21/2017)." You will note that the expiration for vehicles that have 12 years of use is this coming Monday.

Any owner of a Toyota Tacoma, Sequoias, and Tundras built from 2004 through 2006 (model years 2005 through 2007) should look carefully at this program in the event that they will need it to cover their truck.The best step to take is to take the vehicle to a Toyota dealer for an inspection. At a minimum, e-mail a Toyota dealer if you think you may have any issues to date-stamp and document your request for help.

Torque News has reached out to Toyota to ask for clarification in the event we are mistaken about the dates. We will provide an update as soon as it is available, but we are posting this story now just to be safe.

The Toyota frame rot issue has affected thousands of owners. Torque News has tried to cover every aspect of the problem and has created three stories highlighting one owner's story. The comments under our stories from owners span many pages and run from "Great" to "Horrible" when it comes to how well they feel the program worked.

The Tacoma remains the top-selling vehicle in its class by a wide margin. It set another sales record recently, a reflection of the truck's ability to maintain a solid customer base in light of the quality defects it suffered in the past.

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I have a 2005 Toyota Sequioa with 145K miles. It is in great shape except there is a whole in the frame. I am told the warranty has expired. I was never notified of any issures envolving rotted frame. Is there anything I can do??
I have the same problem as you. I just purchased the vehicle. The rust is really bad in mine and have caused perforations in the frame. I took it to Toyota to see if it qulified for the corrosion copound treatment which is still in effect until May21,2019. It did not qualify for the treatment due to the performations found. The frame is entitled to a replacment but the frame replacement programmed ended January 31,2019. I called Toyota corporate with no luck since frame replacment has expired. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
I also have a 2005 sequoia. My frame has extensive rot including a large hole in the driver side frame. I brought it in to the Toyota dealership and it instantly failed the rust inspection warranting a frame replacement. The next day they cancelled the replacement and stated that the warranty for the complete frame replacement expired but they could still spray the frame with anti-corrosion material. They decided against spraying it because the rot is already to extensive. I feel cheated considering I bought the car w/in the past year and never received notification about the expiration date. The engine still runs great too.
Yea, never buy a Toyota again.
I have a 2006 titled tundra. Built in November 2005. 100k miles. I bought it brand new. perfect shape except for frame rust damage. nobody informed me of any recalls. 90 % of repair work done by my local Toyota dealer. why did they not inform me of my frame damage until after it was to late? That is not right. I need to know who is going to fix this problem. I won't stop until I get to the top.
James, I'm in the same boat and I think we're up the creek. I called Toyota several times. Their "no girl" with a kind voice called me back stating we're so sorry but there is nothing we can do. I corrected them saying there is something they can do, they just don't want to. If anyone finds out how to win this one, please share.
There is a new class action suit call me 704 8133862
Purchased my tundra from a private party 2 yrs ago who had the frame treated with their rust inhibitor spray in the spring of 2014. At that time he complained the service was unsatisfactory and requested a replacement but was denied. Fast forward to today I'm stuck with a hole the size of my fist near the transmission cross member and nothing Toyota can do about it. I've been in the automotive industry since 1985 and know that spraying anything rusted only traps the rust inside and continues to deteriorate. Maybe this is why Toyota only has a one year warranty on the treatment.
Hi. My frame was "supposedly" treated in 2014 when first recalled and since then we've only put 19,000 miles on the truck. You'd think the frame would be fine but was told in August the frame is rusted through and Toyota basically said so sad, too bad (my words, not there's). If there is a new class action suit for 2006 Tacoma's let me know. I won't miss out again. Thanks.
Please any news on any new class action lawsuits or recalls extended call me 7819607393 I have 2005 Tacoma ok only 25k original miles! This is crazy, smh. Again any new help or news is greatly appreciated!
I want in on this class action lawsuit! I took my to my local dealer during this recall timeframe and somehow it did not qualify! The rust is very extensive to the point that a few months down the road i had my muffler fixed and the mechanic said man you really should’ve taken advantage of that frame warranty. You needed it! Pissed me off because i did! And was told it didn’t qualify.
Hello Greg. I have the same issue as the rest of the ppl on the string. I have a 2005 Tacoma and it will not pass inspection due to the frame. You mention a new class action suit but the one I saw only covers 2011-2017 models. Do you know of another? Please anything you can do to help me. my number is 202 334 6430
Is this suit still open? I just inherited my father’ 75k mile tundra. Looks new until you look under it. So far no luck with Sawmill Tansky Toyota.
Is this still happening? I have an 2006 Tacoma 4x4 with gapping holes in frame never recieved any notice, truck bought used from Toyota dealer in 2015. Thanks
I have a tundra 2004 with the frame failing a part
Truck bed rotting right through in two Huge uniform spots on either side. Various other rust as well. Appears to come from below as it is bubbled out. Going to have frame inspected as we see rust. 2007 tundra. We are original owners.
Hey, did you have any luck with this?
I have a 2004 Sequoia with a rotten frame. Any class action suits or something that can be done about the mass frame failures still on the road??
I have just found out that my 2007 sequoias frame is badly rusted and was never notified of the frame recall or the lawsuit. If anyone knows any info on a new lawsuit or law firm involved please let me know
Thanks for posting please keep me informed I just bought a 2006 sequoia with the same thing
Hi Greg, I have a 2006 Tundra with extensive frame damage due to the rust like everyone else on here. Do you have info regarding another class action lawsuit regarding this? Doesn’t make any sense how the Sequoias are covered but the Tundras aren’t. I understand they’re a little longer, but that’s still crazy. Let me know about any new class action lawsuit.
Can I call this number, they're saying I qualify, but my offer expired in 2019. They mailed it to me....NEVER received anything in the mail. Looking for a frame or check. My 2007 tundra frame is so bad it rotted the whole frame, and body!
I just purchased a 2007 Toyota Tundra and was told after the fact that my truck needs inspected for rust. Is this something I have to take up with Toyota? I don't know what to do! Every penny I had is tied up in that truck!
I have a2005 Sequoia and just found out that my truck frame is so bad that I can’t drive it. . Called everyone from Toyota same B.S. like everyone got. If there is a 2nd lawsuit please let me know. Thanks
2003 Sequoia that I have has the frame issue as well. 323K miles and engine/tranny run like new. Not very happy. Any news on a class action? I have been looking but nothing I can find. Maybe I am thinking wrong but if the 03 Tundra was part of the original recall and the Sequoia uses the Tundra frame, why would the Sequoia be left out for the same model year? Something seems rotten here.
I have a 2003 toyota sequoia and was told just recently my falls under the category of the frame being able to be fixed by toyota..I bought the car 3 years ago and the vehicle looked in perfect condition, frame and all and now when I take it places to get ball joints or anything done people are afraid to touch it or do work on I was told toyota should be have to fix it for nothing.. I'm homeless and live in my vehicle and this is the only thing I have left..Can anyone help me out??
I also have a 2003 toyota Sequoia and I have 301,000 miles on mine and it runs great but I was told recently since I'm homeless that toyota should fix my frame for nothing and I have no other vehicle but this and I was ripped off by a dealer buying it when they undercoated the frame with holes in it to hide it and sell it to me without knowing..I love my vehicle and don't want to give it up..
I have a 2001 toyota tocoma with a rotted frame and was never notified of such a thing what can I do about it the truck is unsafe to drive it only has160thousand miles and still runs great
I have my 2007 Sequioa in right now for a new frame. I was told by a few that the coverage includes all new break and fuel lines but then I was told that is not the case. Can anyone let me know what is actually covered by this recall? They called to say that the frame was in and I would like to know before I talk with them so that I know what to expect. I would appreciate any help regarding this recall. Thank you!
Where did you get it done ?...and , how much did it cost ?