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Only One Convertible Is More Popular Than the Mazda Miata - Guess Which One says that its site data puts the Mazda Miata in second place. says that its site activity data puts the Mazda Miata second only to one other convertible model. With 30 current convertibles to choose from, it is easy to guess the Miata would be the top car by site activity, but in fact, the Chevy Camaro is the top convertible.

U.S.-spec convertibles have prices that range exponentially from about $19K for the Fiat 500 Cabri to the $190K Audi R8 Spider. But says that the top-ten are mostly relatively affordable models. The list in order of its site activity is:
1-Chevrolet Camaro
2-Mazda MX-5 Miata
3-Mercedes-Benz S-Class
4-Jaguar F-TYPE
5-Chevrolet Corvette
6-Ford Mustang
7-Porsche 911
8-Mercedes-Benz C-Class
9-BMW 4 Series
1-Fiat 124 Spider

"There are 30 models categorized as convertibles that are currently available, which is 11.2 percent of all new vehicles on the market, yet convertibles only capture 0.8 percent of sales at dealerships," said David Greene, a data analyst with "When compared to a segment like minivans, which has just seven models available and double the sales market share of convertibles, it is obvious just how aspirational the convertible segment is."

Mazda Miata Quick Facts
The Mazda Miata is in its fourth, or ND-generation. The Miata features both convertible and also retractable fastback roof designs and has an MSRP ranging from about $25K to about $33K. With just 155 hp the Miata is often a misunderstood car. With a 0-60 MPH time of 5.9 seconds, the Miata is faster than many cars often considered fast.

The Mazda Miata is also the basis for another top-ten convertible on's list above. Can you pick it out? Click for the answer.