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The newly styled 2015 Toyota Camry is now on dealer lots

The updated 2015 Camry has finally arrived and is waiting for you.

Toyota has launched the new-generation 2015 Camry in earnest, and the cars are now available for sale from inventory. Torque News has been watching the dealerships’ websites, and the new model year cars are now in stock. Interestingly, so are the 2014s. This may be a unique moment in time to get a good deal on either version.

New Camry Details
The 2015 Camry has a new look that was tested on the Avalon and Corolla. The tests resulted in increased sales of both models. The Camry also has an all-new interior that is now more of a class leader than in past years. The suspension, wheelbase and all the body panels have changed, and early reports on the car are nearly all positive. Drivers report better handling and a quieter ride.
New and more safety features are also available. The outgoing 2014.5 Camry was an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ and Toyota most certainly redesigned this Camry to match that top rating. The Camry also relies on its “Recommended” rating by Consumer Reports and the safety rating goes hand in hand with that. It will be a very big surprise if this new 2015 model does not also achieve the top industry safety rating.

The big news for Camry buyers who want it all is the new XSE trim which marries the top luxury XLE trim with the sporty SE trim.

Camry Drivetrains Stay the Same
Drivetrains have not changed. The 4-cylinder is still mated to a transmission with gears. Honda and Nissan now use CVT (constantly variable transmissions) that some drivers find less than preferable. The V6 is still offered, and now for the first time there is an XSE trim that offers it all. The hybrid is also newly styled and carries on with the proven hybrid drivetrain.

The 2014 Camry has been called a best buy by multiple automotive outlets over the past couple of months. If any are left at your local dealership a deal may await.

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Mark Day (not verified)    October 15, 2014 - 11:45AM

In my area - Southern Florida - any Camry one wants is available - as long as it's a 4-cylinder. No V6s yet. Kind of funny - a 4-cylinder XSE with paddle shifters - must be for "racin".