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Early reviews agree the new 2015 Toyota Camry is a winner

We compile multiple sources who have seen and driven the new Camry to bring you a succinct summary of what people are saying after testing the new 2015 Camry.


Update - Read our own test report here.

The 2015 Toyota Camry will arrive this week on dealer lots near you. This new Camry is a redesign with a completely new interior and exterior. It also features mechanical changes to make the drive more engaging. Only a few press outlets that have had a chance to drive the car (and our time with the car isn’t until early October). Rather than wait, we thought we would compile a snapshot of what other respected automotive news outlets are saying after driving the car. You will also find a link to every source we mention expanding upon their quotes. Overall the reviews are very positive.

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2015 Toyota Camry Interior Changes
Toyota made an effort to improve the quality and snazziness of the new 2015 Camry’s interior. Competitors had started to distance themselves from the Camry in this key area. The size of the interior was never an issue as Edmunds explained, saying “The backseat remains one of the most spacious in the segment, with abundant leg- and headroom for 6-footers.”

Autoblog tested the new Hybrid version of the Camry and the spoke highly of the new interior saying “It is worth mentioning the excellent ergonomics found within the Camry Hybrid's cabin (and the other Camry models, too). The primary instrument cluster is simple to read, and the new 4.2-inch TFT screen nestled between the Optitron gauges features very useful graphics.”

MotorTrend also heaped praise on the new Camry’s interior saying, A new dashboard and door panels make the Camry look far more modern and the materials are improved throughout.” They made clear that in the upscale trims, like XSE and XLE the interior gets even better with the comment “The standard Entune audio, information, and (optional) navigation system is also a big step forward. The touchscreen reacts immediately to your inputs... The user interface is simple and intuitive, the voice recognition works very well, and pairing your phone via Bluetooth is a snap.”

Be aware that the base, LE trim, is still using a lot of the old car. The LE is designed for low price point advertising, fleets, and rental car lots. Look upward in the trim line to find the new Camry interior.

Exterior Camry Changes
The Camry has been the best-selling car in the US market for just about forever and a day. If you are expecting Toyota’s design team to come out with a flashy exterior, you are crazy. However, the design team is making changes, and they tested those changes on the Avalon first (sales doubled) and then the Corolla (still the number one sedan in its class). Test completed, these changes now appear on the Camry. We won’t bore you with descriptions of the car that you can see yourself in the photos, but here are some points made by those who have a sharp eye for detail.

MotorTrend liked the new Camry look and said “…the boldest thing about the 2015 Camry is the look. It's a much more modern and mature design than the car it replaces…with the sportier SE and XSE leading the way with their more aggressive lower fascias. It's less conservative and less anonymous than the old car and all the better for it.”

The big news about the exterior in my opinion is the addition of the new XSE trim (see our complete story on this important new trim). This combines the more aggressive look of the SE that most customers prefer (45 percent bought some kind of SE in the past) with the luxury things the XLE had in the past. No more need to choose. The XSE with the V6 is now one heck of a great sedan at a surprisingly low price point that will rival a lot of premium competitor’s cars, and even one of Lexus’ most popular models.

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What Reviewers Said About the 2015 Camry’s Ride
MotorTrend nails the changes to the Camry, and they felt exactly what the people at Toyota were shooting for. MT said “The chassis feels more solid…without sacrificing ride quality. The Camry rides as smoothly as ever, but now feels more buttoned down and confident over bumps and in curves… For my money, the "sportier" suspension on the SE and XSE is the way to go.” Remember when you read this that a car-nut who tests sports cars for a living wrote it.

Edmunds also felt the positive changes, saying “After driving the car briefly on rolling country roads, we can confirm the new Camry does indeed instill more confidence through the wheel.”

2015 Camry Changes - Conclusion
In summary, those who have seen and driven the new Camry first hand agree that the positive changes Toyota promised have been delivered. It seems from initial reports that the Camry will have little difficulty remaining in the number one spot.

Author’s Note: Here at Torque News we take pride in our large experienced staff and our ability to test vehicles ourselves and bring you our own opinions. However, in this case we felt you deserved to have all the information as soon as possible. Look for our first drive and test reports coming soon.

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