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GM and Toyota Dominate The List of Most-Driven Vehicles with Chevrolet Suburban Lead

Nine of the top thirteen most driven vehicles come from just these two manufacturers: namely GM and Toyota. Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yokon XL, Toyota Sequoia and Honda Odyssey are leading the top 4 spots in the 13 most-driven vehicle list. See who comes next.


A new study conducted by has revealed an interesting trend. America’s most-driven vehicles are all massive, full-size vehicles. The list is topped by one of America’s very largest vehicles, the Chevrolet Suburban full-size SUV. 11 of the top 3 vehicles on the list are all large SUVs. The Honda Odyssey minivan makes an appearance, and as usual, the Prius sneaks into a group where it does not seem to fit the mold.

most driven vehicles

“Full-size SUVs are built on truck platforms so they have the durability of a truck and the cargo space for up to eight passengers, which makes them popular family vehicles,” said CEO Phong Ly. Among the top ten vehicles overall, vehicles from GM make up half. Toyota also does well on this list with four of the top 13 vehicles coming from Toyota. analyzed more than 2.3 million sales of 10-year-old cars to identify the top vehicles with the highest annual mileage, all of which exceed the overall average of 11,987 by double digit percentages.

Torque News cannot help but observe that ride-share services such as airport limos, Uber and Lyft vehicles are likely responsible for much of the SUV and Prius miles.’s Ly hints at that as well, saying, “People who drive their cars the most are likely to prolong the lives of their vehicles with regular service and maintenance because these vehicles may be a large part of their livelihood, and in the case of large SUVs, they are expensive to replace.”

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Quality and design durability also play a role here. “The vehicles with the highest annual mileage tend to also be the vehicles that last the longest,” said Ly.

You can view the full study at’s link. Wondering which vehicle is driven the least? That would be the Chevy Corvette with an average mileage of just over 4K miles per year. Do you feel quality plays a role in this trend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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