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Lexus releases photo of new NX crossover ahead of launch

The new Lexus crossover is now officially called the NX. Here is the newest spy photo.


Lexus is bringing to market an entirely new compact luxury crossover called the NX. We expect it will be called the NX 300h when configured as the hybrid, and NX 250T when it comes with the entirely new 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine Lexus will debut in the vehicle. As the newest photo shows it will be a looker.

What is becoming clear from the photos leaked by Lexus is the vehicle will have the distinct front spindle grill which is selling amazingly well for Lexus. Every vehicle that received the new look went up in sales. The IS and GS sales simply went through the roof. The aggressive front grill may look good on this new edgy crossover. Also obvious from the photos is that the concept vehicle’s bold and angular styling is going to be part of the new production car’s design. This is a big departure for Lexus and is likely to be warmly received. It will also offset the vehicle from the RX 350 and not be a “mini-me” version of that runaway success. We expect the next generation RX 350 will grow to have a third row.

By pretty much all evidence, the compact crossover is replacing the small and medium sized sedan for many households. The hottest segment may prove to be the luxury compact crossover. Lexus is well positioned to capitalize on this emerging segment that the Acura RDX and BMW 3 series now define. However, Lexus will not be the only value-oriented luxury brand bringing out a new compact crossover. Lincoln too is just about to launch its version called MKC, which it based on the most popular selling compact crossover in the US market, the Escape.

April 20th is the target date for the NX’ full reveal, but Torque News will continue to update fans as more details and photos are released.

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