Lexus reveals prices for LC 500 Super Coupe
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Lexus LC 500 Super-Coupe Priced Lower Than You Expect

Lexus Announces LC 500 pricing.

Along with revealing the all-new 2018 LS 500 (and its two big surprises), Lexus announced the prices of its LC 500 super-coupe today. Surprisingly, both the V8 model and the multi-stage hybrid start at well under $100K.

Lexus has the V8 model priced to start at just $92,000. Given the vehicle's capabilities and level of luxury, this undercuts the competition from Germany significantly. Likewise, the $96,510 LC 500h seems to be priced to sell by Lexus. Even with whatever packages and options Lexus offers, both of these are $100K cars out the door.

Lexus first showed off the LC 500 family last year at this time. Since, it has garnered quite a bit of attention from Lexus fans and those new to the brand. Firsts for Lexus on the new LC 500 family are run flat tires and the new 10-speed transmission that the LS 500 will also use.

When the LC was announced we asked if there was room for an LC F version of this car. While that is still unanswered, the LS 500's twin-turbo V6 just might hold a clue that Lexus has started to consider boosted performance a requirement for many of its top vehicles.

Image Courtesy of Patrick Rall.

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