Will Ford Ranger owners want auto stop-start?
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How Will Fans React To the New Ford Ranger's Auto Stop-Start Technology?

The all-new Ranger modernizes a truck that Ford quit on before many recent advances. Will this new standard technology be seen as a feature or an annoyance?

The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is headed our way. Ford has been providing more and more information on this exciting new truck model. We all know the new Ranger is going to be a huge hit, but details matter.

One detail that Ford has shared is that the new Ranger will have Auto Stop-Start technology. Auto Stop-Start shuts off the truck's engine when it comes to a stop in many situations. For example, at a stop sign, stoplight, or when the vehicle is in park. When the driver lifts his or her foot off the brake and moves it toward the accelerator pedal, the engine restarts automatically and the vehicle is ready to go in an instant. The idea is that this saves fuel. Not much that you will notice, but when millions of vehicle in America are using this technology the drips and drops of fuel saved add up to significant amounts. Automakers are incentivized by the folks who regulate corporate fuel economy for having the technology.

A little over two years ago, our editor and truck expert, Patrick Rall penned a story that took the opinion that Ford's F-150 Stop-Start technology should be embraced by owners and fans. The story was a huge hit and has been one of our most popular truck stories. Comments poured in, and continue to pour in. Mostly negative.

Torque News Reader and Commenter, Marty Wade's words echo those of many of the commenters. Mr. Wade said, "Had I known about this feature I would not have bought the truck. It might be fine, but it is not for me. I am very capable of turning the engine off when I am ready to turn it off. I also blame the salesman for not explaining this feature because I would not have purchased the truck and that is final. Sincerely, Mad Consumer."

S. Sabale jumped right in and offered support to Mr. Wade, saying, "I totally agree, I will buy used vehicle before I buy start-stop tech.!!!"

There are always two sides to a story and this topic is no different. Almost every new vehicle we test these days has Auto Stop-Start. In some, vehicles it is a pain in the neck. In some others, we hardly notice it. In almost all there is a temporary Auto Stop-Start disable function. This system can drive you nuts in city stop and go traffic and we frequently hit that button to shut it off. However, in every vehicle we have tested, it always comes back on when the vehicle is restarted (or if you want it to come back on and simply tap the button again).

What say you, Ranger fans? Are you a fan of the idea of Ford getting a small Corporate Average Fuel Economy credit and helping to reduce fuel usage in America, or would you prefer not to have your new Ranger shutting itself off at stops?

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The situation: It's not much up to Ford to embrace or not embrace Auto Stop-Start. Ford is mandated to enhance fuel economy. I'm also forced, by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, to comply - if I want a new vehicle. The bureaucrat's assumed power is illegitimate, especially since I'm forced to pay their salary. In addition, with the ignorant mandates, many vehicles are being priced beyond folks ability to pay. My reaction - I'm not buying any vehicle with Auto Stop-Start.
As the current owner of a Ford Ranger, I will not buy the new Ranger in a stop/start configuration because I expect the new Ranger to be offered in a base trim level: normally aspirated engine with a manual transmission.
I have a 2018 F150 with Start/Stop, if it were not for forescans ability to permanently disable start/stop I would not have bought the truck. Start/Stop is a joke...
5-10 years ago, I read about a Mazda patent to restart an engine by using the alternator (by varying the load on it) to precisely position one cylinder during shutdown so that, at restart, you could just fire the injector in that cylinder, fire the spark plug and you're going again (without using the starter motor). Given the close relationship between Ford and Mazda (at least back then) does anyone know if the current Ford start/stop uses this or does it just use the starter motor?
The new Ford ranger was #1 on my list for what to get for a new vehicle. Stop/start changed that. It's no longer on my list at all. Now I'm looking at a Chevy Colorado. It's a shame because I've owned two fords in the past and loved them, but stop/start is a deal killer for me.
Auto Start Stop would suck if you are off-roading. It would be plainly unsafe if you are climbing boulders and hills and stop for a moment to think, loose engine power or roll over backwards. It is a recipe for disaster in the off-roading scene.
Start-Stop is a joke. What do you do in South Texas 100 degree weather, start stop traffic and running the air conditioner?
My daughter bought a 2017 Focus, not thinking it would bother her to turn this feature off EVERY time she starts the car. After 6 months, she hates it..and she's 20, part of our kids that love new technology EXCEPT this. Now, I do know, if she just leaves it on, at a light, technically the rest of the car is on, so the AC is still blasting, radio, and everything else that comes on when you turn the key to the ON position. She's like me though, the thought of this stopping constantly each time you are at a sign or light, then starting again, can't be good for the engine in the long run, especially if you live in a congested area. I've always been a die hard Ranger fan. My last Ranger I bought in 2002, was a 1998 with 43,000 miles 4x4. When I sold it in 2015, it had 287,000 miles and other than the usual maintenance, I went through 3 alternators. I've been saving and anxiously waiting for the new Rangers...till I found this BS out. I'm now looking at older Rangers or Toyota Tacoma. It would be awesome if they had it as an option that one could order a Ranger without it but that's not going to be possible...especially with our government. SO sad!
I rented a truck that had this technology, I had if for a few days and hated it. The AC slowed down every time I was a a red light or in traffic. It's nothing short of annoying. The truck goes quiet, like a poorly tuned car that stalls when you stop. I won't be buying a new Ranger. I have been waiting for a new Ranger for years and I'm very disappointed. I'll keep my old truck.
Start/stop is a deal killer for me as well! Will buy used for the rest of my life b4 I own a vehicle with this ignorant tech! Honda Ridgeline unless they adopt the same tech crap!
Nobody in their right mind would want a car with auto start/stop, it's a pain in the neck and shortens engine life.
Like many, I have been anxiously awaiting the new Ranger, and like many posts here, are against the stop/start feature for many of the reasons stated. It seems to me that Ford could easily make this feature switchable in a more permanent manner, I.e., once selected to the “off” position the system would stay switched that way with Re activation by turning it back on. Give the user the option to use the feature ... easily.